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More than 1000 Pakistan-sponsored Taliban terrorists including 34 Pakistani ultras killed in offensive launched by Afghan security forces

Kabul: More than 1000 Pakistan-sponsored Taliban terrorists, including 34 Pakistani terrorists, have been killed in an extensive operation launched by Afghan security forces since the last two weeks, reported Afghanistan Defence Ministry. It is said that the Afghan army, along with other security agencies, launched the operation on July 29 that lasted till August 8. While the intensity of the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan is on the rise, the success achieved by the Afghan army attracts attention.

Afghan security forces, extensive operation, Afghanistan Defence Ministry, Pakistan-sponsored, terrorists, military operations, Taliban, Afghanistan, ISCurrently, alongside the United States, Russia, China and Iran have been striving for successful peace talks with the Taliban. On the one hand, the US representative hints at signing a peace deal shortly, but on the other hand, the Taliban threatens to attack the government and civilians. Only a few days ago, 14 people were killed, and 145 were wounded in a terror attack mounted by Taliban.

Against this background, the press release by Afghanistan Defense Ministry plays an increasingly important role. Nevertheless, more than 1000 joint military operations ranging from small to large scale were carried out between July 29 and August 8 wherein 1186 Pakistan-sponsored Taliban terrorists were killed, and 568 were injured. Besides, more than 50 Taliban terrorists were detained as well as a massive quantity of arms and ammunition was seized.

According to the Afghanistan Defence Ministry, the operations were conducted in Ghazni, Helmand, Kandahar, Kunduz, Kunar along with ten other provinces. These operations even include 231 airstrikes.

It is believed that the Taliban controls nearly one-third of Afghanistan, and the terrorist outfit ‘IS’ also aims to expand its foothold in the country. On this backdrop, the offensive by Afghan security forces with the damage to the Pakistan-sponsored Taliban assumes importance.

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