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Iran will have to pay a heavy price for the US embassy attack in Iraq: US President Donald Trump  

Washington/Baghdad/Tehran: ‘Previously, Iran killed a US contractor and the United States retaliated strongly against the attack. Now, Iran manoeuvred an attack on the US embassy in Iraq. Iran is entirely responsible for the attack and will have to pay a heavy price for it. This is not a warning but a direct threat,’ US President Donald Trump asserted. The United States has dispatched a unit of 100 Marines for protecting its embassy and other interests in Iraq. However, Iran dismissed the US allegations and challenged the warning with a threat saying that it was ready for retaliation.  

For the last two weeks, the Iran-backed groups, Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) and Kataib Hezbollah targeted the US military bases in Iraq. After the death of a US defence contractor in an attack on a base in Kirkuk, the United States started targeting the Iran-backed groups. Given the developments, the United States has launched fierce attacks on Iran-backed militia bases.   

The US airstrikes claimed the lives of 25 terrorists of the Kataib Hezbollah. At the same time, the United States declared that it would continue to target Iran or its affiliated groups, which pose a threat to its interests. Iran’s proxies attacked the US embassy in Baghdad on Monday to demonstrate anger over the US action.   

Initially, the Iraqi protestors were suspected of carrying out the attack. Nevertheless, as the miscreants held out Kataib and PMF flags, the pro-Iran groups were revealed to be behind the embassy attack. The attackers tried to enter the US embassy on two successive days by breaking the glass of the security post outside and resorting to arson around the embassy. On Wednesday, the US troops used tear gas to disperse the protestors.   

US President Donald Trump expressed anger over the protests and accused Iran of perpetrating the attack. Furthermore, Trump warned Iran that although the Islamic Republic had denied its involvement in the incident, the country was responsible for it and would have to pay a heavy price for the misadventure soon. Within the next few hours US Secretary for Defence, Mark Esper, dispatched a unit of 100 US Marines to Iraq. The US media reported that the group included the US Marines involved in the action against the US embassy attack in Benghazi.  

Also, the commander of the pro-Iran groups in Iraq instructed their people to retreat after the US warning. As per media reports, the protestors received instructions for their return as they had completed the task of threatening the United States.  

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