Russia has shifted to a ‘war economy’ and is preparing for a drawn-out conflict in Ukraine,

Ukraine's intelligence service claims 

Kyiv/Moscow: Ukraine and Western media have claimed that the decisions made by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the last few days are leading Russia to a ‘war economy’. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov warned that the reason for it might be a plan for a drawn-out conflict in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered an increase in the pace of arms production, along with new military recruits. A few days ago, it was also announced that the responsibility for the military operation in Ukraine would be handed over to the country’s armed forces chief.  

'war economy'

‘Russian President Putin has taken decisions to restructure the economy and the country’s defence manufacturing industry. Russia may impose Martial law in the near future. These things will enhance the capabilities of the Russian military and create the right environment for them. Russia will use all its military capabilities to prolong the war in Ukraine. The decision to hand over the military operations in Ukraine to Chief of Defense Staff General Valery Gerasimov is part of the move to continue the war at full capacity,’ Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence said.  

'war economy'

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov also confirmed it. Reznikov warned that Russia is preparing for a new attack against Ukraine in the coming spring, and Ukraine should also be prepared. He also pointed out that Russia is amassing military units and weapons in occupied eastern and southern Ukraine areas. At the same time, the Ukrainian Defense Minister also claimed that Russia would not launch an attack through Belarus.  

'war economy'

A few days ago, Russia captured the military town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine. After this occupation, major missile attacks were carried out in the capital Kyiv, along with Kharkiv and Odesa. Information has also come to light that Russia has started firing a large number of artillery guns and rockets in the Kharkiv and Sumy areas. Russia is also continuously attacking the city of Kherson and the nearby regions in southern Ukraine. It is believed that after Soledar, Russia will take over Bakhmut in the next few days.  

In the past few days, the Russian government has repeatedly stated that the conflict in Ukraine is not against the Ukrainian government or forces but against NATO. At the same time, warnings have been given that Russia would increase the scope of its attacks in the near future and may use ‘Tactical Nuclear Weapons’. Simultaneously, Russian media and analysts also claim that President Putin may reorganize his campaign in Ukraine in the next few days. In the wake of these developments, the statements made by the defence minister and the intelligence agency of Ukraine are noteworthy. 

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