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2 Russian satellites chase US spy satellite in space, informs chief of US Space Force  

Washington: Currently, tensions prevail between the United States and Russia in the space sector, along with land, air and sea. Gen. John Raymond, chief of space operations of the US Space Force and commander of US Space Command, alleged that ‘Two Russian satellites chased one of our spy satellites. The dangerous manoeuvre makes evident Russia’s growing threat to the US supremacy in space.’ Previously, the US had criticised China, saying that along with Russia, China posed a threat to the US interests in space.  

In an interview to a magazine, General John Raymond, who was appointed by US President Donald Trump to lead the US Space Force, gave the information. General Raymond referred to an incident from November. Russia had launched the Cosmos 2542 satellite in November. Two weeks later, Cosmos 2543 was launched from within the spacecraft. Both the satellites then initiated a chase of the US 245 satellite.   

The Russian satellites were not only chasing the US satellite but were also advancing dangerously towards the US satellite. One of the satellites came as close as 100 miles from the US satellite.  

US 245 is one of the four super-advanced spy satellites of the United States. The sensors and cameras on the satellite are focused on the adversary nations. Therefore, the Russian chase has underscored the threat to US interests in space, General Raymond said.  

During an interview with another new agency, General Raymond said, ‘The chase of the satellite is not a normal event. A dangerous situation may arise due to the Russian satellite chase.’ The space Force chief criticised the Russian activities in space, calling them concerning and that such actions were not expected from a responsible country.  

In the past, US President Trump had alleged that Russia and China threatened the US interests in space. Trump supporters from the White House, Pentagon and the US Congress have also supported President Trump’s stand on the Russian and Chinese threats. While elaborating on the matter, Trump had referred to the anti-satellite missile tests Russia and China had conducted over the last decade.  

Given the developments, the US Space Force was established two months ago. The dangerous manoeuvres in space have been exposed after that. Also, the US Space Force has registered its displeasure with Russia over the issue.  

Russia recorded a reaction over the US allegations. The country has accepted that a secret satellite was launched from Cosmos 2542 satellite which sparked tensions in space for a while.  


US ready with ‘Space Fence’ to protect satellites  

The US Space Force announced that the ‘Space Fence’ developed for the protection of the US satellites in space, will soon be activated. The Space Fence radars are even capable of locating anything as small as 4 inches, travelling in space.   

The US radars systems are already operational and trace all materials travelling in space which may pose a threat to US satellites. However, the US space policy has become more comprehensive under the Space Force. The Space Force announced the activation of the Space Fence to keep track of the smallest possible objects travelling in space and to warn about the potential threats.   

The radar systems of the Space Fence will be located on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Furthermore, the Space Fence is believed to prevent a collision between satellites in space and allow monitoring enemy satellites. 

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