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China poses far more dangers than just COVID-19, warns former US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley  

Washington: China’s conduct during the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic was criminal, and for that, the nation needs to be held accountable. China’s threat, however, is not limited to just that. China poses a threat to the entire Pacific region, and it is not only the responsibility of the US to respond to it. Even Australia, Japan and India have recognized the threat from China. The European nations nevertheless are far behind when it comes to that, said former US Ambassador to United Nations (UN), Nikki Haley as she launched a fresh attack on China.   

The global backlash against China over the new Coronavirus is growing extremely intense. The United States has assumed an exclusive lead on this front, and President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, along with many senior leaders and officials are consistently targeting China. The ruling Republican Party in the US has even established a special task force for it. Also, former party members have joined them, and Nikki Haley is at its forefront. Only a few days ago, Haley initiated an online petition against China called ‘Stop Communist China’. Haley hinted at intensifying it through a writeup in the Washington Post.  

By beginning her speech with the words Winston Churchill, the former UK Prime Minister and diplomat, – ‘The best way to defeat the Communist Party without war, is to prove that we are more powerful than them,’ Haley made evident that she was targeting the Chinese Communist regime. Churchill’s speech was not received with much gravity during World War II.   

Even so, Haley has admitted in the writeup that the United States has accepted Winston Churchill’s advice. She drew attention to the fact that the Communism in Russia’s former Soviet Union was defeated with the West’s effective economic, political and military might.  

With her words, Nikki Haley reiterated the risk from China. ‘The COVID-19, which originated in China’s Wuhan, has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands across the globe and caused unprecedented damage to the economies of the world. China will never accept responsibility for the outbreak due to its inclination towards lies and concealment. Be that as it may, do not consider the deception the most significant threat of China’s Communism. It is only one of its tendencies. An epidemic from a virus or disease, may originate from any country. Although the threats that China poses, no other nation can,’ Haley said.  

Nikki Haley, the former Ambassador to the UN, presented an entire list of China’s condemnable acts even as the pandemic is ravaging the world. At the time, Haley affirmed that ‘The brutality against pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, attacks it launched on ships of neighbouring countries in the South China Sea, nuclear tests it conducted secretly, is only but a glimpse of aggression and oppression the Chinese Communist Party has displayed in one month’.   

By bringing up the surveillance the Chinese Communist regime is carrying out on its citizens, the oppression it is exercising over the minority in the Xinjiang province, Haley underscored the regime’s lack of concern towards its people. The belief of Western nations that administration of the Chinese government would be eased on becoming a thriving economy has been proven wrong, is the harsh reality Haley has expressed candidly in her writeup.  

The reason Haley underscored of being behind it all, is attributed to the Chinese Communist Party, the firm hold it has over all the systems in the nation, and the policies drawn and run to fortify its position further. The Chinese regime poses an entirely distinct threat, and we need to prepare as per Churchill’s advice to combat it, which will pave the way towards peace, Haley said as she expressed her position at the end of the writeup. 

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