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US warns escalation will only deepen and prolong the Libya War   

deepen and prolong, US, Libya

Tripoli: ‘The conflict in Libya is escalating, and the rising deployment of the foreign military is a cause for concern. The growing involvement of foreign military will only deepen and prolong the conflict,’ warned US National Security Advisor, Robert C O’Brien. Although he made no direct mention of any state, the remarks were directed towards Turkey, Egypt and Russia. Meanwhile, Germany has sent a destroyer with 250 soldiers onboard into the Mediterranean Sea, to stop the smuggling of weapons into Libya.   

deepen and prolong, US, Libya O’Brien targeted the civil war that has flared up in Libya for the past few months and the growing involvement of the foreign military. Furthermore, the National Security Advisor expressed fears over the situation and said that the foreign powers were planning to take advantage of the civil war in the country, which would threaten the regional peace and global trade. Along with the foreign militaries, the participation of the mercenaries or private military contractors, and terrorists, is increasingly intensifying the conflict in Libya. Libya will triumph only if its people unite for safeguarding its sovereignty and reconstructing the nation. No other entity can then win in the war,’ said O’Brien as he called on the Libians to unite.  

In the last few days, US President Donald Trump discussed the Libya issue with French President Emmanuel Macron, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. Moreover, the international media has highlighted that the US President has not established a dialogue with Turkish President Recep Erdogan as yet. Turkey is known to support the Saraj government while France, Egypt, UAE and Saudi back General Haftar’s forces in the Libyan conflict. The US has not openly sided with any front in the war so far. However, the country did voice concerns over Turkey and Russia’s military activities in the last few days.   

deepen and prolong, US, Libya Two weeks ago, Egypt and Turkey announced sending their militaries in Libya. On the other hand, reports surfaced of Turkey and Russia deploying mercenaries in Libya. Turkey has also sent a large consignment of weapons to arm the Libyan regime and Turkish-backed rebels. Moreover, Germany has sent a warship consisting of 250 soldiers in the Mediterranean Sea to curb such illegal smuggling of weapons into Libya. The European Union (EU) has declared an explicit campaign for five months in the Mediterranean Sea, and the German deployment is part of the same plan.  

Two days ago, a mysterious fire erupted at Libya’s Misrata International Airport. Cause of the fire is not determined, but the Libyan media underscored that most of the airport had come under the control of the Turkish military after that.   

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