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In a threat to Iran, US deploys nuclear-capable B-52H bombers to Middle East 

Washington: The US long-range B-52H bombers, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, have arrived in the Middle East. Outraged with the killing of its nuclear scientist, Iran may turn into a threat for the US interests in the Middle East. Therefore, in a warning to Iran, the bombers have been deployed, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said. It is the second time the US has sent bombers to the Middle East in the last month. Meanwhile, the Iran-backed terrorist groups in Iraq are reportedly preparing to strike US locations. 

Two B-52H Stratofortress bombers from the Barksdale Air Force Base at Louisiana, US have been sent to the Middle East. A US news channel reported the bombers had arrived in the Middle East after a 36-hour long flight. Also, US military officials have stated that the plane has accomplished the mission of long and non-stop flight in a short period. As Gen Frank McKenzie, commander of US Central Command (USCENTCOM) which has been set up for the Middle Eastern nations, shared details on the deployment, he also issued a warning to Iran.  

Without direct mention, Gen McKenzie warned Iran and said, ‘The US adversaries need to aware of the fact that no other nation is capable of rapidly making additional deployments in the event of an attack. The US does not want war. Nevertheless, the US is ready to respond to any attack.’ At the same time, the commander said the deployment was necessary for assuring Arab allies of the US as also for stability and security of the Middle East. 

Gen McKenzie has also said, ‘The US is going to experience a change in power. President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn as the next President of the US on the 20th of January. Simultaneously, US troop reduction is also underway in Iraq. Such changing conditions pose additional risk to security necessitating the deployment of bombers.’ Due to the bombers, any adversary would certainly think carefully through before taking any step in the wrong direction, the CENTCOM commander underscored. 

There is no clarity as to where exactly the two bombers are being sent. However, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain have sent their fighter jets to accompany the bombers that are flying over the Persian Gulf. The US had sent its bombers to the Middle East two weeks ago as well, which are said to have been sent to Qatar. Furthermore, the gigantic aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, has been deployed between the Arab Sea and the Persian Gulf for the past few days. 

Military movements in the Middle East picked up pace after the killing of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh two weeks ago. Iranian leaders and officials have accused Israel and the US of killing their nuclear scientist. Besides, Iran and Iranian-backed proxy groups are threatening to avenge Fakhrizadeh’s killing. Reports suggested that Kata’ib Hezbollah, an Iranian-affiliated terrorist group in Iraq, has planned to strike US interests. Given the circumstances, the mobilization of bombers is believed a warning to Iran. 

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