Helsinki summit: US President justifies cooperation with Russia

Helsinki summit: US President justifies cooperation with Russia

Helsinki – US President Donald Trump has announced that the talks with the Russian President Vladimir Putin were successful. President Trump informed that important topics like Syria, Ukraine, China, trade war and nuclear arsenal were discussed at this meeting. Most importantly, President Trump has also absolved Russia of the allegations of interference in the US elections of 2016. Severe reactions have emanated over Trump’s stand from the United States. Nevertheless, ignoring the criticism, President Trump has appealed that the United States and Russia, who have the most massive nuclear arsenal should concentrate on future cooperation.

Helsinki summit

The meeting between President Trump and President Putin was held at Helsinki in Finland where several important topics were discussed. However, President Trump’s statements about the Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections are attracting maximum attention, among all the other issues. The US intelligence agencies had claimed that Russia had interfered in the 2016 US elections. Some of the US officials also claim to have supporting concrete evidence. However, the US President has informed that the Russian President denied all allegations on this issue during the discussions in Helsinki and that he had complete faith in President Putin’s word.

‘We had undertaken a strong campaign in the presidential elections which became highly successful, and hence I was elected as the President defeating Hillary Clinton,’ President Trump thus, dismissed the claims of the Russian President’s involvement in his presidential victory. His statements are being severely criticised in the United States. The  media who has always targeted President Trump, is now just a full onslaught against him over the stand, calling Trump’s performance in the Helsinki summit ‘disgraceful’. Even so, without paying any heed to this criticism, President Trump has stressed on the need for excellent cooperation between the United States and Russia.

These two countries have the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. Therefore, while emphasising that cooperation between these two nations was critical, Trump said he hoped that instead of wasting time brooding over the past, both countries should concentrate on future collaboration.  He also said that the relations between the two countries could not be kept under the shackles of accusations about Russia’s interference in the US elections of 2016. Meanwhile, both the leaders have taken a stance of cooperation on several fronts, which also includes action against terrorism. President Trump and President Putin had a consensus on increasing the dialogue between their respective countries to counter the increasing influence of the Islamic extremists.

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