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Satan worshippers place Baphomet statue outside the Arkansas State Capitol building to protest the existing ‘Ten Commandments’ monument

Little Rock: Satan worshippers have caused a sensation by unveiling the ‘Baphomet’ statue outside the Arkansas State Capitol building in the United States. The ‘Ten Commandments’ monument has been mounted outside the Capitol building and the Baphomet worshippers demand to place the Baphomet statue right at the same place. Attributing the point to their freedom of worship, Baphomet worshippers are pushing their demand harder. However, those against it have initiated protests and had also issued warning to remove the statue from the grounds. Earlier, a similar incident involving the Baphomet statue was reported in Oklahoma.

The Satanic temple i.e. Satan worshippers had been demanding the removal of the ‘Ten Commandments’ monument erected outside the Capitol building, which Jews and Christians revere as laws and principles laid down by God. Satan worshippers were consistently demanding to abolish the monument saying, ‘Freedom of Religion means that the government must not be allowed to endorse one religion over another or inhibit any religious voices from access to public forums in favour of another.’ While the demand sought less attention, these worshippers brought the idol of their satanic deity, ‘Baphomet’ at the location.

Last year, US Senator Jason Rapert had installed the ‘Ten Commandments’ monument at the Arkansas State Capitol building. Within 24 hours of the installation, a ‘Satanic temple’ follower drove his car into the monument and had smashed it. The same person also had crashed his car into a Ten Commandments monument outside Oklahoma’s State Capitol, last year. The followers of Satanic temple aggressively demands no such religious monuments or Ten Commandments to be mounted outside any government building in the United States.

However, as this demand received no response, they have placed an 8 and 1/2 feet statue of their satanic deity ‘Baphomet’ at the Arkansas State Capitol grounds. “We only want our monument on public grounds where other monuments of religious significance are pre-existing,” warned its worshippers. Meanwhile, at the time of unveiling the statue, atheists too marked their presence along with the Satan worshippers. At the same time, the supporters of Senator Rapert also gathered to oppose the satanic deity and held strong protest against it.

The believers in ‘Satanic Temple’ are openly supporting the Baphomet worship while few among them have claimed Baphomet to be ‘More American’ than the ‘Ten Commandments’. They have also published articles in the magazines vindicating their claims. Their campaign is being fiercely opposed in the United States with the protests also being staged against it. However, connecting the topic to their freedom of expression and freedom of worship, the ‘Satanic Temple’ followers have been claiming to have the right to worship ‘Baphomet’ too.

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