INS Arihant is a fitting reply to those indulging in ‘Nuclear Blackmail’ : Prime Minister Narendra Modi

INS Arihant is a fitting reply to those indulging in ‘Nuclear Blackmail’ : Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi – India’s first nuclear-powered submarine, INS Arihant, completed its first deterrence patrol. While announcing the manoeuvre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a suggestive statement saying, “The success of INS Arihant gives a fitting response to those who indulge in nuclear blackmail”. The commissioning of INS Arihant makes India a country capable of launching nuclear attacks from air, land and sea thus completing India ‘nuclear triad’. It is a significant development from the country’s security point of view, say the military analysts. The Prime Minister claimed the feat to be a historic event.

INS Arihant, Nuclear Blackmail, Narendra Modi, nuclear attacks, India, world war 3, DhanterasPrime Minister Modi expressed satisfaction over the feat saying the festival of Dhanteras had become all the more special as the country had received the enormous gift of INS Arihant on an auspicious day. He claimed, “The submarine would augment the country’s security and deliver a fitting response to those indulging in the use of nuclear blackmail against India”. Pakistan consistently keeps pointing out to India that it is equipped with nuclear weapons. The Pakistani fanatic leaders and hardliners have consistently demanded to drop nuclear weapons over India. Moreover, the country is under the impression that India cannot act against it no matter the number of terrorist activities it executes, as it possesses nuclear weapons.

Military analysts term it as ‘nuclear blackmail’ by Pakistan. Nevertheless, India has acquired the second strike capabilities and the INS Arihant is claimed to ensure India’s nuclear security. With INS Arihant’s success, Prime Minister Modi appeared to have served a warning to Pakistan, presenting the point of nuclear blackmail and asserted that India would never use the capabilities to provoke or attack any country.

Prime Minister Modi clarified India‘s policy saying that the Indian nuclear capabilities were not for attacking any country, but for its defence. He claimed that the INS Arihant is a matter of pride for the country, as it would ensure the safety of the country which has a population of over one and a quarter billion. The Prime Minister made a special mention of and commended all the officers and crew as also the researchers responsible for the success of INS Arihant. He said that their untiring efforts had lead to the realization of dream of India’s indigenous submarine being armed with a nuclear arsenal.

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