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Kurds & Assad agree to counter Turkish aggression. Syrian troops deployed at Turkey border  

Damascus: More than 500 people have been killed, and nearly 150 thousand forced to migrate, as a result of the brutal attacks Turkey has launched over Syria. After that, the Syrian government and the Kurdish forces have joined hands setting aside their differences which is a significant shift in the fierce Syrian war on-going for the last seven years. The Kurdish-held towns of Kobani and Manbij were handed over to the Syrian military. Therefore, the Kurdish and Assad forces seem apparently set to retaliate unitedly against Turkey.  

About a year ago, a fierce conflict was underway between the Kurds and Assad’s forces. The Syrian military launched crushing attacks to try and gain control of the oil reserves in the Kurdish territory. Furthermore, the Kurds had joined hands with the Syrian rebels in their fight against the Assad government. For the past few years, the Syrian government was in control of the region to the west, and the Kurds were in control of the part to the east of Euphrates River, which divides Syria.  

Syria was thus divided into two parts where, the cities of Kobani, Manbij, Rakka, Deir ez-Zor which hold oil reserves as also considered strategically important, were under the Kurdish control. After Russia imposed a ceasefire, the conflict between them had reduced to a great extent.  

Given the situation, the equations in Syria have changed after Turkey crossed the borders and invaded the nation in the last six days. The Assad government has termed the Turkish offensive to be a violation of Syria’s sovereignty. On the other hand, the Kurdish leaders affirm that Turkey was targeting their people for the release of the ISIS terrorists under the Kurdish custody.  

Considering the circumstances, the Assad government and the Kurdish rebels have joined forces against Turkey. The truce is believed to be mediated by Russia. According to the agreement, the Kurdish rebels handed over the cities of Manbij and Kobani to the Syrian military. At the same time, the Syrian army has also been deployed in the Kurdish-controlled Sari Kani region. However, the Turkish army and the pro-Turkey forces in northwest Syria are already advancing towards Manbij to launch an attack 

The Kurdish forces and the Syrian military are believed likely to fight together to counter the Turkish army. In such a scenario, the Syrian civil war would transform into a full-fledged war between the two nations. 

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