South Korea warns North Korea, Russia in a video simulating pre-emptive strikes

South Korea warns North Korea, Russia in a video simulating pre-emptive strikes

Seoul: South Korea has warned its neighbour North Korea, which has adopted a very aggressive stand since the last few days. A video the South Korean Air Force had released showed their F-35 penetrating the North Korean Pantsir-S1 air defence missile system. Since Russia has built the concerned air defence system, it appears as though South Korea has attempted to instigate Russia as well.  

Last week, a simulated video of the South Korean Air Force was released. The video displays the F-35A super-advanced stealth fighter jet that South Korea recently purchased from the United States, taking flight. After the air acrobatics, the South Korean fighter is shown targeting the North Korean military locations. The video also shows the North Korean military’s Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile and the air defence system 2K12 Kub being destroyed in the airstrike.    

North Korea has built the Hwasong-14 and 2K12 Kub both. Of these, the Hwasong-14 can hit targets as far as 10,000 kilometres. In the past, North Korea had threatened to use the system to target US cities. The missile system is, therefore, said to be a target for the South Korean F-35A. Nevertheless, the air defence system shown in South Korea’s video is claimed to be Russia’s Petasir-S1 and not 2K12 Kub.  

Russia had not supplied the Pentasir-S1 system to North Korea and South Korea thus seems to be indicating differently by mentioning the Russian air defence system in the video. Since the last few days, Russia has warned South Korea by taking North Korea’s side. Also, the Russian bombers participating in the air exercises with China last month had intruded into the South Korean airspace. After that, South Korea had sent its fighter jets which drove the Russian bombers away.  

Meanwhile, South Korea has signed an agreement with the United States for the supply of 60 F-35A fighter jets, and 13 of these have been delivered to the South Korean capital of Seoul. Moreover, North Korea had objected to the US-South Korea agreement alleging that it was a threat to its security.   

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