Pakistan PM Imran Khan threatens India with nuclear war over CAA; India hits back with an emphatic reply

Pakistan PM Imran Khan threatens India with nuclear war over CAA; India hits back with an emphatic reply

New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan asserted that hundreds of thousands of Indian refugees would take asylum in Pakistan because of the supposed Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir as also the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) but Pakistan would not accept them. Moreover, Imran Khan threatened India that the refugee crisis would spark a war between India and Pakistan, but the Indian Foreign Ministry has responded with an emphatic reply. Pakistan should first protect the insecure minorities in their country before giving other countries advice on it, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ravish Kumar retorted.   

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During the Global Refugee Forum held in Geneva, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan spewed venom against India as always. Khan made some fictitious claims such as ‘India is carrying out atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir. To save themselves from the violence as also due to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) passed by the Indian government, a large number of refugees will come to Pakistan.’ Nevertheless, Pakistan cannot accept refugees on such a large scale. It could spark a conflict between two nuclear-armed countries, Imran Khan asserted.   

The Indian Foreign Ministry delivered a slap to Pakistan’s face saying that, ‘as usual, Imran Khan is using a global platform for malicious propaganda against India and by now everyone is used to it. The Indian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Raveesh Kumar retorted to Imran Khan that instead of trying to champion the issues on minorities in India, Imran Khan should focus on the atrocities suffered by the minorities in his country. The minorities in Pakistan are facing crimes since the last 72 years, and the Pakistani government has miserably failed to prevent it, Raveesh Kumar rebuked the Pakistani Prime Minister.  

Kumar thus demanded Pakistan first ensure the security of the minorities in their country. Meanwhile, the Pakistani media are making vitriolic criticism on the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act although some matured Pakistani analysts have underscored that Pakistan had no right to criticise India. By reminding the Pakistani media that the minorities in Pakistan were consistently facing atrocities, the analysts seem to be attempting to bring them back to their senses.  

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