Chinese Premier Li Keqiang causes a sensation, says ‘600 mn people in China earn less than 1000 yuan per month’  

चीन, ली केकियांग

Beijing: Li Keqiang, the Chinese Premier, caused a sensation with his statement that over 600 million people in China were living on a meagre income, where their monthly earnings were less than 1000 yuan (USD 140). Last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping had claimed massive success in the country’s poverty alleviation campaign. However, Premier Li’s statement contradicts President Xi’s claims, while the Chinese people and analysts have raised questions over President Xi’s claims. A few foreign analysts believe that the events represented an internal political struggle in China.   

चीन, ली केकियांग, ६० कोटी जनताSocial media and foreign media have argued that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s leadership had failed over Coronavirus pandemic as also most other matters. The Chinese Premier’s statements on the state of the ordinary Chinese people have only fueled the criticism against Xi. Furthermore, Premier Keqiang drew attention to the fact that more than 40% of the Chinese population cannot even afford to buy a house on rent in a medium Chinese city with their monthly income. Even though his remarks have earned him popularity among the ordinary citizens and analysts, they have certainly caused a commotion within the Chinese political circles.   

Private think tanks in China believe that Premier Keqiang’s statements portray the prevalent conditions within the country. Through an online article, the website called ‘ThinkChina’ has questioned the Chinese Communist Party on whether China, which has been displaying a grand show of economic progress over the past few decades, was indeed rich? The Chinese populace has expressed responses that certify Premier Li’s statements, saying the truth was precisely what they were expecting from him, on the social media application ‘Weibo’.   

चीन, ली केकियांग, ६० कोटी जनताA leading Japanese daily has affirmed that Premier Li Keqiang’s statements and the debate it has sparked, depicted the domestic political struggles in China. In the past few years, President Xi Jinping has lauded his efforts by stating that poverty in the nation was consistently lessening. Nevertheless, Premier Li’s statements have delivered a blow to Xi’s rhetoric. Although the local agencies and media tried to cover up the episode, President Xi’s image was tremendously tarnished in the eyes of the ordinary Chinese citizens. At the same time, President Xi’s plans of establishing himself as the most popular and paramount leader in China, also appear to have burnt to ashes.   

Currently, the authoritarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party reigns in China, and is under complete control President Xi Jinping, for the moment at least. President Xi Jinping appears to be in a fix as the Chinese economy is currently under threat, and the displeasure among the public is increasing. Concurrently, reformists within the Chinese Communist Party have also begun criticizing Xi Jinping, which cannot be a mere coincidence. Even though the opposition against President Xi is not strong enough to topple his regime, it is certainly indicative of the blows being delivered to his authoritarianism. Moreover, the western media have taken up the matter, and analysts believe that the opposition to President Xi is likely to intensify. 

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