Israeli military chief orders army to remain ready for striking Iran  

Israeli military chief orders army to remain ready for striking Iran  

Jerusalem: Last week, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned new US President Joe Biden not to make the mistake of lifting sanctions on Iran. Yet, the Biden administration is firm on a new nuclear deal with Iran. Expressing outraged over the US stand, Israeli military chief, Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi, has instructed his army to step up preparations for an attack on Iran. The second time in the past week, Israel’s military chief issued a warning to the Biden administration.  

Last week, Joe Biden was sworn-in as the new US president. In less than 24 hours after the swearing-in ceremony, the Biden administration announced it would be striking a new nuclear deal with Iran. The Biden administration also said that Iran should accept its new terms. However, Iran has rejected the US proposal. At the same time, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, has made clear Iran will not accept the US terms. He rebuked the US administration and said, ‘The Biden administration should lift all Iran sanctions without any conditions. Also, the United States should not have any new expectations from Iran.  

Despite that, the Biden administration has ramped up its efforts to reach a new nuclear deal with Iran. Reports reveal special representatives of the Biden administration have discussed on Iran with European allies. Also, the US administration has included Robert Malley, who played a crucial role in the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, in the decision-making process. It has caused resentment among Israel, Saudi Arabia and its allies.  

Even as he addressed the Institute for National Security Studies, Israeli military chief Lieutenant General Kochavi has cautioned the Biden administration on the consequences of the decision. Lieutenant General Kochavi has issued a stern warning that ‘No matter the harshness of the amendments to the nuclear deal with Iran if the United States re-enters into the deal, it will be an operational and strategic mistake. It would help accelerate Iran’s nuclear program and only increase the threat to Israel. That Israel will never tolerate. If necessary, Israel will take military action against Iran on its own.’  

Further, the military chief stated that ‘The military has been instructed to develop various alternative plans for action against Iran. The Israeli leadership will take a call on the matter. Nevertheless, as part of military duty, we are fully prepared’. Earlier, the Israeli military chief had declared that alternative plans for attacking Iran were under consideration. Israel had threatened last week that it would take action against Iran if the United States eased sanctions. Therefore, Biden administration is facing growing pressure. 

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