Coronavirus is only the first blow dealt by China’s bioweapons research, former US Secretary of State warns 

Coronavirus is only the first blow dealt by China’s bioweapons research, former US Secretary of State warns 

Washington: Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, as he issued a warning, “The coronavirus certainly originated from a laboratory in China. The Chinese ruling regime has continued research on biological weapons. Therefore, the world may find itself gripped by a pandemic as deadly as or worse than coronavirus in future. The world may have to face the threat of another virus from a Chinese laboratory similar to this one”. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently released a report on the Covid-19 outbreak that spread from China. It rejects the Wuhan laboratory as the place of origin in China for the coronavirus. At the same time, it also expressed the need for further investigation on the origin of the coronavirus and China’s role in it. The criticism of the former US Secretary of State assumes much significance in the wake of the events. 

In an interview with an Australian daily, Pompeo even stated that there was enough evidence to substantiate the claim of the coronavirus pandemic originating in a Chinese laboratory. Pompeo went on to accuse China’s ruling Communist regime of suppressing information about the coronavirus outbreak. Besides, the former US Secretary of State underscored that China’s handling of the coronavirus had cost the world millions of lives and billions of dollars. Moreover, Pompeo warned that the international community needed to be vigilant so that China does not repeat another episode of the sort in the future. 

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed China’s subversive activities and moves that undermine democracy. “Weakening democracies in different parts of the world is the primary objective of Chinese ruling communist regime. China believes that Marxist/Leninist ideology is the right ideology for the world, and it is trying to impose it on others,” Pompeo alleged. 

Former US Secretary of State Pompeo also targeted China over its actions with regard to Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan. China tries to suppress everyone else’s voice when the issues are raised before it, calling these an ‘internal matter’, he said. Nevertheless, the former Secretary of State has called on the United States and its allies to make China aware of the consequences of breaking international rules and agreements. 

Earlier, Pompeo had severely condemned the Biden administration’s ‘soft policy’ towards China. “Xi Jinping has realized that the current US administration is very lenient. He has also learned that the Biden administration will only oppose him superficially but not take any action against it,” Pompeo said in an interview with a US news channel last month. 

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