Iran’s army chief threatens Israel after an Iranian oil tanker is attacked off the Syria coast.    

Beirut/Sana/Tehran: An attack was launched on an Iranian oil tanker entering Syria, where three people are said to have died. Israel is suspected of having targeted the Iranian tanker with a drone strike. However, Israeli media have asserted that the Israeli army was not involved in the attack. Even so, the Iranian military chief threatened Israel with fierce retaliation for targeting its interests in Syria. International media have underscored that the incident took place after the missile attack near Israel’s Dimona nuclear site.   

A massive explosion occurred off the coast of Syria on Saturday night. An Iranian oil tanker heading for the Baniyas refinery in Syria’s Tartus province experienced a blast. Initially, reports indicated an attack on a Syrian tanker. Nevertheless, by Sunday morning, it was clear that the explosion had hit an Iranian tanker.   

A Syrian news agency reported, citing government officials, that the fire on the tanker had been contained. The Syrian government has also said the attack was carried out by a drone infiltrating the Syrian border from Lebanese waters. For the first time, however, the Syrian government and news agencies have refrained from blaming Israel for the incident.   

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the blast killed three people on the Iranian tanker, two of whom are claimed to be Syrian officials. The group also said Israel had likely targeted the tanker with a drone strike, although the Israeli media denied the allegations. No one was killed in the fire that erupted on the Iranian oil tanker off the coast of Syria. Israeli media stated there was no significant damage either. Moreover, the media have affirmed the Israeli army was not involved in the incident.   

Iran army chief of staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri threatened Israel at a rally on Sunday. Even Bagheri avoided blaming Israel for Saturday night’s incident. “We cannot say much right now about the recent incident. But if Israel thinks that it will not get a response after repeatedly targeting Iran’s interests in Syria, it is a misunderstanding. The Iranian army will teach Israel a good lesson for Israel’s attacks in the last few days and plans for in the future. Israel will not be able to live in peace,” Maj. Gen. Bagheri said. 

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