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Australia’s anti-China propaganda will affect bilateral ties, Chinese ambassador threatens

Beijing/Canberra: Home Affairs secretary Mike Pezzullo has underlined China’s threat, saying Australia should be prepared for conflict as the global ‘drums of war’ can be heard beating. His remarks have drawn China’s ire. Some in Australia are spreading anti-China propaganda by painting a false picture of a threat from China that serves their personal interests, the Chinese Foreign Ministry criticised. Also, China’s Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye has warned that the statements will certainly affect bilateral ties. 

Mike Pezzullo had curtly stated that Australia could face an invasion from China. The statement has sparked controversy in Australia, with some accusing it of being unreasonable. However, some responsible analysts have said that Pezzullo’s warning is real, citing China’s aggressive actions. China has been repeatedly found interfering in Australian politics and using it to take full advantage. Therefore, Prime Minister Scott Morrison had to pass legislation against foreign interference. Besides, analysts have consistently said that China’s actions in the Indo-Pacific are detrimental to Australia’s security. Australia has thereby actively participated in the Quad alliance with India, the United States and Japan. 

The move has prompted a backlash from China, which has imposed trade sanctions on Australia. Australia has called for an international probe into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic in China, which had angered the country. Under such circumstances, Pezzullo’s remarks are only adding to China’s outrage. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian has accused Pezzullo’s statements of being irresponsible. Lijian said a certain few in Australia are defaming China for political gain. The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson even suggested that such irresponsible individuals must abandon their Cold War mentality. 

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye has slammed Australia, saying targeting China in such a manner is becoming politically correct in the country. He went on to warn that considering China as a threat to the country when it has not taken any provocative action will have adverse effects on bilateral relations between the nations. The envoy made the statement during an online event of the Australia China Business Council. Therefore, it is evident that China is taking Pezzullo’s words very seriously. 

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