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Next major war will be entirely different: US Defense Secretary Austin 

Pearl Harbour-Hickam: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin warned that ‘The United States and its allies need to prepare for a new war style. The way we fight the next major war will look very different from the way we fought the last ones. Along with the Army, Navy and Airforce, the United States will have to be prepared for possible conflicts in the space and cyber sector too for which it will have to make significant strategic changes. Although US Secretary of Defense Austin did not directly mention it, Admiral Philip Davidson, the outgoing Commander of Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM), did say that China poses a threat to US security.   

Recently, the US Secretary of Defence visited the Pearl Harbour-Hickam base of the Indo-Pacific Command in the Hawaiian Islands. Admiral Davidson is the current chief of the Indo-Pacific Command. However, Admiral John Aquilino will take over the charge from Saturday. Speaking at a function held on this occasion, the Secretary of Defense stated that the US would have to change its outlook towards its security.   

Secretary of Defence Austin stated that “We fought conventional wars for last two decades. The United States will have to make significant changes to its defence forces for future wars. For this purpose, we will have to master super-advanced technologies. Also, the thinking, decision-making, and response time to execute the action will have to be accelerated. The US will have to change its working methodology for its security on the army, navy and air force along with space and cyber fronts.”   

The Secretary of Defence suggested that the United States will have to develop new capabilities for future wars. Nevertheless, Secretary of Defense Austin refrained from directly mentioning the country against which it will have to prepare for battle or poses a threat to the US. However, Admiral Davidson, the outgoing Commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, did warn that China is the biggest threat to US security.   

“The United States and China are said to be competing for strategic dominance in the Indo-Pacific. The competition is not between the United States and China but between the democratic United States and dictatorial Chinese communist regime, for a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Admiral Davidson said as he targeted China. The admiral went on to say that the United States will have to fight a war and win it if peace is to prevail in the region. 

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