The number of deployable nuclear weapons worldwide is on the rise – Report by Swedish think tank ‘SIPRI’ 

Stockholm: The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has reported an increase in the number of nuclear weapons deployed by nine nuclear-armed nations worldwide. On Monday, SIPRI published a report titled Armaments, Disarmament and International Security. According to the report, the number of nuclear weapons deployed worldwide has risen to 3,825 at the beginning of 2021. Last year, the number was 3,720. Also, the US and Russia have placed around 2,000 nuclear weapons on ‘high operational alert’, according to the SIPRI report. 

अण्वस्त्रांच्या संख्येत वाढThere are currently nine nuclear-armed countries in the world. These include the UK, France, China, India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea, along with the United States and Russia. At the start of 2021, the nine countries had 13,080 nuclear weapons, according to SIPRI. Russia has the most significant number of nuclear weapons at 6,375, followed by the United States at 5,800. SIPRI highlighted that although the number of atomic weapons is decreasing every year as per the agreement between the United States and Russia, the number of deployable nuclear weapons is rising. 

अण्वस्त्रांच्या संख्येत वाढThe Swedish think tank states that China has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal at 350, after the United States and Russia. However, the number of nuclear weapons deployed by China has not been disclosed. At the same time, China is rapidly increasing its nuclear stockpile and is in the process of modernizing it, according to the SIPRI report. Along with China, the UK has also indicated growing and modernizing its nuclear arsenal. Currently, the UK has 225 nuclear weapons, and according to its new policy, the number will be increased to 260. 

अण्वस्त्रांच्या संख्येत वाढAccording to the report, India, Pakistan, and North Korea are also moving to increase their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. North Korea is said to possess between 40 and 50 nuclear weapons currently. In another report last year, SIPRI claimed that North Korea had developed ten new atomic weapons. 

After the Cold War era, the number of nuclear weapons was claimed to have been reduced in the last few years. However, according to new information, countries are increasingly inclined to step up the number of nuclear weapons, which is a cause for concern, Hans M. Kristensen, a senior SIPRI official, warned. 

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