Russia must prepare for the consequences of Havana Syndrome: CIA Chief William Burns  

Washington – ‘Russia will have to face the consequences if Russia is found to be behind the mysterious Havana Syndrome that has plagued more than 200 US personnel around the world’, warned CIA Chief William Burns. Russia has rejected the US allegations stating that Russia has nothing to do with the whole affair.   

Havana Syndrome

In 2016, it emerged that staff at the US and Canadian embassies in the Cuban capital were diagnosed with Havana Syndrome. On revealing that CIA agents were amongst the affected, the US had alleged that it was a biological attack. The Trump administration had commented on Cuba and China for being behind this. Then in 2017, military as well as intelligence officials from the US embassies in Europe and China, including Washington, were affected.  

The US State Department said that there had been a bizarre health incident. The attacks that targeted their agents’ mental and physical health were part of a biological attack, the CIA had alleged. A report released in 2020 claimed that a microwave energy attack was behind the Havana Syndrome. It was being said to be a completely man-made attack.   

Havana Syndrome

CIA Director William Burns launched an investigation into the case after the Biden administration took over the reins of the United States. Moreover, allegations of Russia being behind the attacks on US agents continued. In early November, Burns toured Russia and met two chief Russian officials from the Russian intelligence agency. It is claimed that Havana Syndrome was the point of discussion at this time as well.  

US officials told a newspaper that Burns warned Russia at the meeting. The official informed that the CIA chief warned Russia of consequences; if it was found responsible for the attack. It is claimed that the CIA Chief issued this warning to Russia following the case of an FBI agent being infected with Havana syndrome coming to light. But Burns’ use of ‘if’ in the threat shows that the US is still unclear about Russia’s involvement, international analysts claim. 

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