Russia launches severe missile attacks on Ukrainian city near Poland 

Russia launches severe missile attacks on Ukrainian city near Poland 

Moscow / Kyiv – Russian forces launched terrific missile attacks on the city of Lviv, maintaining solid attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. While intensifying military action in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin also responded to the accusations that the Russian people were not with the President. A rally of 200,000 people participating in the Russian capital, Moscow, was organised by President Putin. The Russian President appears to have refuted US and allied claims through this. 

Even on the 23rd day of the war in Ukraine, Russia launched heavy attacks on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and the city of Lviv. Russian forces fired missiles at the city of Lviv. Some key buildings have collapsed herein, and Western media are accusing Russia of targeting civilian settlements. Russian attacks are claimed to be a warning to Poland, as the Ukrainian city of Lviv is very close to the Polish border. Last Sunday, Russian troops had targeted the Ukrainian city of Yavoriv, near the Polish border. 

Meanwhile, Western nations claim that Russian troops reaching near the capital, Kyiv, cannot shift ahead due to Ukrainian military resistance. The British defence ministry has made these claims and praised Ukraine’s military. Western media also reported that the Russian military’s forging ahead has halted due to strong resistance from the Ukrainian army. However, in the wake of this canvassing campaign, Russia has intensified its attacks more on Ukraine, which seems to have made the situation in Ukraine even more heartwrenching. 

Western media outlets have shown videos of some Russian soldiers caught while fighting against the Ukrainian military. The soldiers were making statements against Russian President Vladimir Putin in the video. The Russian soldiers have said that once they are set free, they will go against the Russian President, who forced them to launch attacks on innocent civilians in Ukraine. Western countries and media have been claiming that the Russian people and soldiers too are not with President Putin. 

On Friday, President Putin showed the world that the Russian people are with him by organising a rally of 200,000 people in the Russian capital, Moscow. Earlier, some Russians took to the streets to oppose the war in Ukraine. Citing this, the Westerners had started propaganda that the Russian people were against Putin. 

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