Russia preparing to split Ukraine into two

alleges Ukraine Defence Intelligence chief

Russia preparing to split Ukraine into two

Kyiv – Russia had announced completing the first phase of the military action over Ukraine. Not even a day after the Russian announcement, Russia is preparing to split Ukraine into two parts, accused the Ukraine Defence Intelligence chief. A pro-Russian leader from the Luhansk province in Ukraine, currently under Russian control, has demanded a referendum on ‘whether the territory should annex Russia’. Therefore, as per the indications, the fear expressed by the Ukrainian Defence intelligence department seems to be turning real.  

On Sunday, Russia launched a series of solid airstrikes on a nuclear power plant in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. One day before this, Russia had launched vigorous attacks on the Ukrainian city near the Polish border, lying near the region visited by US President Biden. Russia had warned through this that the visit of the US President could not suppress Russia. The attack on Kharkiv city following that only demonstrates that Russia is not ready to give up its aggression. Earlier, Russia had tried to break the country’s resistance by targeting Ukraine’s military locations.  

Meanwhile, Russia had caught the entire world’s attention by announcing the completion of the first phase of military action against Ukraine. This had caused discussion about whether Russia would now withdraw from Ukraine. But Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have not stopped. Therefore, the strategic analysts have been assuring that this war will not likely end presently. Accordingly, some strategic analysts have claimed that Russia will stop the war only after taking control of Ukraine’s airspace.  

The Korean region was split into two parts, North and South, and they became two countries. Russia will split Ukraine into two parts in the same vein, one of which will be cut off from Ukraine, said Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of Ukraine’s defence intelligence department.  Besides, Russia plans to take control of Ukraine as a whole than just a few territories. Budanov said Russia has a terrible plan to provoke a conflict between the two parts of Ukraine.  

However, while Russia is working on the plan, this will completely change the nature of Ukraine’s resistance. The people of Ukraine will retaliate against Russia using guerrilla warfare, claimed Budanov. While Ukraine is making such allegations, Russia has alleged that mercenaries are fighting against it in Ukraine. Russia had said that the troopers included terrorists of Al-Qaeda, IS and other terrorist organisations. Hence, pro-Russian analysts say the United States and western countries have claimed that the Ukrainian people have taken up arms to fight Russia. These analysts have criticised that, in a true sense, it is not the Ukrainian people but the mercenaries under the disguise of the people fighting against Russia. 

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