Russia carries out crushing drone attacks in capital Kyiv and other major Ukrainian cities;

Russian military advances in Donbas  

Moscow/Kyiv: President Vladimir Putin warned a few days ago that every attack by Ukraine on Russia would be met with an equally strong and aggressive response. On Saturday and Sunday, Ukraine launched attacks in the Belgorod region of Russia. On Monday, Russia retaliated with heavy drone strikes in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, along with several other cities. The Russian drone attacks have caused a considerable loss of life and property in Ukraine. After the Russian invasion, the power supply in nearly 100 parts of Ukraine has been cut off, and these parts are experiencing blackouts, according to the Ukrainian authorities.  

drone attacks

Ukraine launched a terrorist attack on the Kerch Bridge in Russian-controlled Crimea two weeks ago. After this attack, as President Putin warned Ukraine, Russia launched heavy missile attacks. After nearly eight months into the conflict, Russia’s large-scale missile attacks have dealt a blow to Ukraine and the Western alliance. Russia had warned that these attacks were only the beginning and that it would launch more intense attacks in the future. Since then, Russia has been carrying out heavy attacks in different parts of Ukraine. Russia is using fighter planes, drones and missiles for these attacks.  

drone attacks

Early Monday morning, Russia launched drone attacks on Odesa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr and the capital Kyiv. The Ukrainian authorities claimed that the drones used in the attacks on the capital Kyiv were marked with the words ‘For Belgorod’. Russia is said to have used Iranian drones for these attacks. Power plants, fuel depots and other infrastructure were targeted in this attack. The Russian attacks have caused a power supply cut in nearly 100 areas, including major cities of Ukraine, and these areas are said to have gone into a blackout for an indefinite period.  

drone attacks

After dealing a blow to Ukraine with drone attacks, Russian forces have advanced in areas of Donbas’ Bakhmut and Soledar cities. The Russian army has taken control of some villages near these cities, and Ukraine has admitted that an intense struggle is ongoing to control both towns. At the same time, Russia has claimed that the intensity of counterattacks by Ukrainian forces in Kherson in southern Ukraine has decreased. Moreover, the Russian army has not allowed Ukrainian forces to succeed in taking control of any new areas for the past few days. Therefore, the western media and analysts claim this situation is vital for the Russian campaign.   

In the past few weeks, Ukraine, western systems and media have claimed that Russia’s military capabilities have been exhausted and that Russian forces have been weakened. These claims were based on the Russian troops’ successive retreats and the Ukrainian army’s successes. Nevertheless, Russia has shown its military strength to Ukraine and the world for the past few days by burning Ukrainian cities. Now, it is being claimed that this power demonstrated by Russia would increase the scope of the conflict in Ukraine even after eight months into it. 

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