Russia could initiate a nuclear war over control of Crimea, US entrepreneur Elon Musk warns  

Washington/Moscow: Leading US entrepreneur Elon Musk warned that Russia could start a nuclear war over the annexation of Crimea. ‘Loss of Crimea for Russia is like the loss of the Hawaiin Islands and Pearl Harbor for the United States. Crimea has become an integral part of Russia. If Russia were presented with a choice between renouncing Crimea and using nuclear weapons, it would choose the latter. The West has tried to isolate Russia by imposing massive sanctions on it. Now Russia has nothing left to lose,’ Musk said.   

Speaking on the issue of nuclear attack a few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned that it was ‘not a bluff’. After that, the case of a nuclear war has come into the limelight again and is receiving various reactions. The United States and NATO have warned Russia of the severe consequences of nuclear attacks. On the other hand, France has expressed the need to try to prevent a nuclear attack while taking a stand. Musk, who provides satellite internet services to Ukraine, suggested that Ukrainian leadership must make efforts for peace talks with Russia. His statement was strongly criticized by Ukraine.  

nuclear war

Even so, Musk has attracted attention again by expressing his opinion on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. While announcing a counter-offensive against Russia, President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that the Ukrainian military would not stop until it captured Crimea. Attacks were carried out on the Russian base in Crimea and the Kerch bridge connecting Crimea to Russia. Russia then made Ukraine aware of the consequences by scorching Ukrainian cities with missiles. Musk appears to have sounded a note of caution for Ukraine by suggesting that Russia may consider the option of nuclear strikes for Crimea.  

Meanwhile, Russia continues its campaign to target Ukraine’s electricity and water supply systems. Since last week, Russia has been attacking power stations and water supply centres in major cities of the country, including the capital Kyiv. So far, Russian missile and drone strikes have destroyed one-third of Ukraine’s electricity supply system. Even after that, Russia’s attacks continued, and in the last 24 hours, missiles were fired in the capital of Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Zhytomyr. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities acknowledged that an intense conflict is ongoing in Donetsk and Kherson.  

Russian authorities have informed that at least 13 people have been killed in an accident where a Su-34 fighter jet crashed into a building in the Yeysk city of Russia, near the Ukrainian border.  

Russia and Ukraine exchange prisoners  

Moscow – Russia and Ukraine have exchanged more than 200 prisoners. It is the second prisoner exchange in the last ten days. Ukraine released 110 Russian prisoners, which included sailors as well as women. Also, Russia has informed of releasing 108 Ukrainian women soldiers.  

Last week Russia and Ukraine released 20 soldiers each. Since the recent exchange comes within a week of the earlier one and is considerably larger, it becomes significant. The released prisoners include more than 70 Russian sailors captured by Ukraine in February. Besides, the prisoners released by Russia are said to include women from the Ukrainian military.  

Earlier, in September, both countries released 100 soldiers each. Moreover, the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine was revealed to have been mediated by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. 

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