World’s five nuclear powers are on brink of a direct armed conflict

- Russian Foreign Ministry warns

World’s five nuclear powers are on brink of a direct armed conflict

Moscow/Washington: Russia issued a serious warning stating that the world’s five nuclear armed superpowers are on the brink of a nuclear war, and the consequences of such a conflict could be dangerous and destructive. Russia’s priority is to avoid a nuclear war between the superpowers, but the western countries are instigating it with new deployments of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). On the contrary, western countries claim that the Russian statements and actions are responsible for increasing the possibility of a nuclear war. Only last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement which said he did not feel the need to use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine conflict.   

five nuclearIgor Morozov, a Russian Federation Council’s defence committee member, recently alleged that Pakistan is preparing to provide nuclear bomb technology to Ukraine. Morozov also informed the Russian media that Ukrainian researchers had visited Pakistan for this purpose. It is very likely that Pakistan is doing this at the behest of the United States. Before that, the Defence Minister of Russia had even warned that Ukraine was preparing a ‘dirty bomb’. At the same time, the United States and Western countries alleged that the likelihood of nuclear war had increased due to the statements and actions of Russia.  

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to these claims of the West and has issued a warning. It said, ‘Earlier this year, the five nuclear-armed countries released a joint statement on avoiding nuclear war. Russia is committed to the commitment in the joint statement. Russia has repeatedly clarified its position on the use of nuclear weapons. Russia will use nuclear weapons only as a defence against the use of weapons of mass destruction, as well as if conventional weapons pose a threat to Russia’s existence.’   

‘Like Russia, other countries that are part of the Nuclear Five should also refrain from interfering in each other’s interests. Other countries should also demonstrate their commitment towards what is said in the joint statement. The West must stop encouraging provocations with weapons of mass destruction, which can lead to catastrophic consequences. If they do not, the nuclear-armed countries will be on the brink of direct conflict. If there is a nuclear war, it will have terrible and devastating consequences,’ Russia warned.  

Some countries are taking irresponsible steps, ignoring Russia’s national security. Therefore, the situation is getting more and more complicated. In such a situation, the most immediate task is to avoid any military clash of nuclear powers,’ the Russian Foreign Ministry underscored.  

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Russia had deployed MiG-31K supersonic fighter jets and the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles in neighbouring Belarus. The western media have made these claims by releasing satellite photographs. Therefore, some analysts claim this new Russian deployment is a message to Ukraine and the West. 

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