The West has pushed Ukrainian people into a furnace – Russian President Vladimir Putin

The West has pushed Ukrainian people into a furnace – Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow/Kyiv: Ukrainian authorities announced a blackout in seven cities, including the capital Kyiv. On Saturday morning, Russia launched a series of missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian energy facilities. The Ukrainian authorities were then forced to announce a blackout. Ukraine and its people have been forced to pay a dear price for spreading hatred against Russia and its people. The Ukrainian regime and the West, which supports it, are responsible for this. They have thrown the people of Ukraine into the furnace, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized.

WestRussia is targeting Ukraine’s infrastructure with missiles and drones. Therefore, it has become difficult for the Ukrainian people to get basic facilities like water and electricity. However, Russia has warned that Ukraine would have to pay the price for the saboteur activities of the Ukrainian army in Russia. At the same time, Russia claims that the conflict is fuelled by anti-Russian policies adopted by the Ukrainian regime and that it has no enmity with the Ukrainian people. Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again said Ukraine and its people would have to pay a huge price for the hatred spread against Russia.

President Putin indirectly criticized the United States for provoking Ukraine by saying that ‘those who ignited this conflict have thrown the people of Ukraine into the furnace as if no one existed in Ukraine. However, the Russian people never had any hatred towards the people of Ukraine. On the contrary, the Russians have only been respecting the Ukrainian people. The feeling of love and respect for Ukraine among the Russian people is constant, even today. Some people have deliberately ignited Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine, Putin said as he launched a crushing attack.

Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met President Volodymyr Zelenskyi in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. During this visit, US national security adviser assured Ukraine that the United States would fully support it. At the same time, the United States announced another $40 million in aid for the Ukrainian army. According to this, the US will supply T-72 tanks, Hawk anti-air missiles,  250 M1117 armoured vehicles, 40 armoured riverine boats, 1100 Phoenix Ghost kamikaze drones to the Ukrainian army.

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