Ukraine launches drone attack on Russia’s airbases in Engels and Ryazan

- 5 killed, 2 bomber aircraft damaged

Ukraine launches drone attack on Russia’s airbases in Engels and Ryazan

Moscow/Kyiv: Drone attacks hit two bases in Russia’s Engels and Ryazan, where at least five people have been killed. It is said that two Russian bombers were damaged in the attack on Engels airbase. A huge fire broke out at the airbase in Ryazan after a large fuel tanker exploded. Although both attacks are said to have been carried out by Ukraine, the Ukrainian military has not officially claimed responsibility. In the wake of these Ukrainian attacks, Russia has launched missile attacks on some Ukrainian cities.

A few days ago, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics demanded that Ukraine take permission from Russia to launch attacks from Russian soil. After that, the attacks on two Russian bases on the same day attracted much attention. Both the attacked bases are at a distance of hundreds of kilometres from the Russia-Ukraine border. Bombers are deployed at Engels airbase to carry out attacks on Ukraine. Given the background, it appears that Ukraine has begun launching attacks deep into Russian soil.

The two bases were said to have been attacked early morning on Monday. After the attack on the ‘Engels’ base, a huge fire was seen in the videos and photographs of the incident. It is said that Russian Tu-60 bombers were damaged in this attack. Social media posts stated that some Russian soldiers were admitted to the hospital after the attack. A huge fire is said to have broken out at the Ryazan base, and three people were killed on the spot. Sources informed that this base also had stockpiles of weapons and other stock required for making deployments for attacks on Ukraine.

       Engels and Ryazan

Ukraine earlier attacked military bases in the Russian territories of Crimea, Belgorod and Bryansk. All these bases are near the Russia-Ukraine border. However, the Engels airbase is about 750 kilometres from the Ukrainian border. An attack on an airbase so far inside the Russian territory draws much attention. There have been signs of drones being used for launching attacks on both bases. Nevertheless, Ukraine has not responded to these attacks.

In the wake of these Ukrainian attacks, Russia launched missile attacks on some cities in Ukraine. On Monday, Ukrainian media reported that air raid sirens sounded in several towns, including the capital Kyiv. No information on these Russian attacks or the damage caused has been disclosed.

Meanwhile, US intelligence chief, Avril Haynes, claimed that the intensity of the Russia-Ukraine conflict would decrease given the harsh winter in the coming months. Haynes also said the movement in the war zone has already slowed down to some extent.

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