Russia accuses Ukraine of sabotage, says Kyiv blew up Nova Kakhovka dam  

Russia accuses Ukraine of sabotage, says Kyiv blew up Nova Kakhovka dam  

Moscow/Kyiv: A part of the Nova Kakhovka dam in the Russian-controlled Kherson province has been blown up. Russia accused Ukraine of sabotage, saying Kyiv blew up part of the dam. At the same time, Ukraine and NATO have blamed Russia for blowing up the dam. NATO officials claimed that the attack may have been carried out to disrupt Ukraine’s preparations for a counterattack in the West Bank area of the Dnipro River. Ukraine has warned that the nearby area will have to face a terrible disaster due to the dam’s explosion.

Nova Khakovka dam Nova Khakovka dam

Early on Tuesday, a large explosion occurred in the upper part of the Nova Kakhovka dam built on the Dnipro River in Kherson province. Due to the explosion, a large part of the dam and the wall of the hydroelectric project built on the dam collapsed. After that, the water began to flow rapidly from the dam, and a flood of water began to enter the nearby villages. About 80 villages and towns on both sides of the Dnipro River will likely be flooded by the water. Therefore, 40,000 people have to be relocated for fear of being flooded. The Russian and Ukrainian agencies have undertaken rescue operations, and many villages on the banks of the river are being evacuated.  

A series of accusations and counteraccusations has started between Russia and Ukraine regarding this explosion. The ‘Nova Kakhovka dam and surrounding areas have been under the control of the Russian Army since last year. ‘Russia had laid landmines and bombs in the dam’s vicinity. So, Russia has blown up this dam,’ Ukraine alleged. Ukrainian authorities also stated that Russia had attacked various dams in Ukraine in the past as well. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky alleged that the act of blowing up the dam was part of a terrorist attack by Russia. NATO has also backed Ukraine’s claims, where senior NATO officials said the attack was carried out to create obstacles in the counteroffensive.  

Russia has rejected the allegations made by Ukraine and NATO. On the contrary, Ukraine caused the sabotage and blew up part of the dam, Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov alleged. Peskov said the attack was carried out by the Ukrainian government to disrupt the water supply to Crimea and to divert attention from the ongoing activities on the battlefield. The Russian spokesman underscored that ‘Two days ago, Ukraine launched a major attack, but they did not receive success. This is why they are caught in a big dilemma.’  

About six dams have been constructed on the Dnipro River, the largest river in Ukraine. The ‘Nova Khakovka dam and its hydropower project are one of the most well-known of these large projects. This project also supplies water to the Crimea region, which is why its capture is considered important for Russia. Last year, Ukrainian forces gained control of territory west of the Dnipro River in Kherson province. However, the attempts to cross the river and occupy the rest of the area were unsuccessful.  

Meanwhile, Russia launched major missile attacks on Monday night and early Tuesday morning on the capital Kyiv. According to reports, Russia fired about 35 missiles in and around the capital city of Kyiv. 


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