German Chancellor Angela Merkel accepts that the security of Israel faces a threat from Iran

German Chancellor Angela Merkel accepts that the security of Israel faces a threat from Iran

Berlin – German Chancellor Angela Merkel while supporting the nuclear deal signed between Iran, the United States and other western countries, had claimed that there was no threat to any country’s security from Iran. But Chancellor Merkel seems to be playing a different tune during the German visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Chancellor Merkel has now accepted that there is indeed a threat to Israel’s security from Iran. Coincidentally, her acceptance comes at the same time when the German intelligence has accused Iran of continuing to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Angela MerkelThe Israeli Prime Minister is on a three-day Europe visit. Prime Minister Netanyahu had announced that this visit will be entirely focussed on Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu had announced the main purpose of the visit was to discuss with the heads of states of Germany, France and United Kingdom, the issues of the Iran nuclear deal supported by the European nations in spite of the sanctions imposed by the United States and the Iranian military deployment in Syria. In view of this, Prime Minister Netanyahu on arriving in Germany on Monday, met Chancellor Merkel and assertively told her that Iran is still trying to develop nuclear weapons.

‘An announcement is made to raze Israel and kill 6 million Jews even in the 21st century. Iran is openly threatening to annihilate us. Equally openly, Iran is developing nuclear weapons for mass destruction,’ said Netanyahu in the joint press conference held along with Merkel. Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed a terrifying concern saying that it was possible that these nuclear weapons could fall in the hands of IS terrorists.

At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu strongly opposed the Iranian military deployment in Syria with a warning, ‘Iran, after gaining a reprieve from the economic sanctions, has prepared a plan to bring Syria under Shiite control. Iran has entered the Syrian conflict with this objective. If Iran succeeds in its objective, a new crusade will start in Syria. In that case there will be a larger influx of refugees into Europe once again.’

German Chancellor Merkel expressed concern at the growing Iranian influence in Syria. ‘The growing Iranian influence in the Gulf is certainly dangerous for Israel’s security. In case of such a threat, Israel has complete right to take appropriate action to counter it. The European countries will support Israel on this issue. We have already made Iran aware about this,’ said Merkel. Chancellor Merkel also expressed displeasure over the statements of Iranian leaders to annihilate Israel.

But terming the Iranian nuclear program to be under control, Merkel supported the nuclear deal with Iran. ‘We are in agreement with the Israeli position that Iran should never get nuclear weapons’, claimed Merkel. ‘However, we have a different opinion from Israel about how to control Iran’s nuclear-preparedness’, she added.

Meanwhile, the claim of the German intelligence agencies is contrary to Merkel’s position. The German intelligence agencies have claimed that Iran continues to produce weapons of mass destruction.

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