Russia hits Danube port with massive drone attack for second consecutive day

Russia hits Danube port with massive drone attack for second consecutive day

Moscow/Kyiv: Russia launched a major drone attack for the second day in a row on a port on the Danube River that has become the centre of Ukraine’s grain exports. In this attack on Monday morning, Russia targeted Izmail Port. Besides, there is talk of heavy loss of infrastructure along with some port buildings in the attack. It is Russia’s third drone attack on Izmail port. Russia destroyed four US-made boats in the Black Sea region during this attack. The soldiers of Ukraine were aboard these boats, Russia informed.

In July, Russia announced its withdrawal from the ‘Grain Deal’. Ukraine and Western countries strongly criticised this decision of Russia. Nevertheless, Turkey and the United Nations initiated necessary activities to take this agreement forward again. For this, Turkish President Recep Erdogan arrived in Russia. However, before Erdogan’s visit could commence, Russia indicated its disinterest in striking a deal with Ukraine by targeting two Ukrainian river ports.

Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin alleged that only Ukraine and European countries took advantage of this agreement, and the promises made to Russia have not been kept. Despite Russia’s withdrawal from the deal, Ukraine had announced to continue exporting grain. For this, Ukraine started using the Danube River ports in Odesa. Angered by the activities of Ukraine, Russia began to attack the Danube River ports.

On Monday morning, Russia is said to have carried out this attack through about 17 drones. In the last two months, Russia has carried out six attacks on two ports on the Danube River. Additionally, the port of Odesa was also heavily targeted. By hitting Ukraine’s Reni and Izmail ports for two consecutive days on Sunday and Monday, Russia clarified that it would not stop the ongoing attacks on important Ukrainian targets. The international community, including Ukraine, has criticised Russia’s attacks.

After the attack on Reni, Russia foiled Ukraine’s plot to attack in the Black Sea region. The Russian Defence Ministry provided information about destroying four boats carrying Ukrainian soldiers. Russia has also claimed that the US manufactured these four boats. In such a situation, Ukraine has claimed to have destroyed a Russian ship by attacking a Russian base in the Black Sea. However, Ukraine has refused to share the name of this base.

Meanwhile, Ukraine shared information about a drone attack on the building of the intelligence agency ‘FSB’ in the Kursk province of Russia. Ukraine has also released some photos of it.


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