Russia carries out intense strikes on Odessa for second consecutive day

Russia carries out intense strikes on Odessa for second consecutive day
Moscow/Kyiv: Russia carried out powerful drone and artillery attacks on Ukraine for the second consecutive day. Russian drones and cannons targeted the Port of Izmail, where grain was exported from Ukraine. Ukraine has claimed to have shot down 26 out of 38 drones launched by Russia in this attack. Besides, there have been reports of Russia attacking Ukraine’s Kherson with mortars, cannons, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns, which has unsettled the Ukrainian army in just one day. Meanwhile, Ukraine had claimed that the commander of the Russian Navy was killed in its attack. Russia has released a video as proof that the officer is alive. Thus, along with the direct conflict, a propaganda war has also sparked between Russia and Ukraine.

Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his Defence Minister to eliminate the Ukrainian Army’s ability to carry out retaliatory attacks by the beginning of October. According to this, the intensity of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine seems to be increasing in the last two days. Russia is targeting Odesa in Ukraine and has launched a strong attack on the port of Izmail. It is claimed that Ukraine will suffer huge losses in this. However, Ukraine claimed to have shot down 26 out of 38 attack drones made by Iran during this attack.

A few days ago, a spokesperson of the military group leading the southern part of the Ukrainian army shared different information about the Russian attack. The spokesperson had stated that Russia’s current attack was to test Ukraine‘s air defence system. After detecting Ukrainian air defence systems, the spokesperson drew attention to the possibility that Russia would attack us with greater intensity in the future. The orders given by the Russian President to Defense Minister Shoigu also indicate the same.

RussiaMeanwhile, Ukraine had claimed that 33 Russian officers had been killed in a massive attack on the Black Sea Fleet in Russia’s Crimea. In this, Ukraine had also announced the death of Black Sea Fleet Commander Viktor Sokolov. This claim of Ukraine caused a sensation. However, Russia has released a video in which Commander Viktor Sokolov is seen alive. Ukraine has tried to portray a similar picture of doing well in the conflict against Russia with the help of lies previously as well. However, Russia had accused Ukraine’s claims of being hollow. Now, the allegations made by both countries regarding Commander Viktor Sokolov indicate that along with the direct war, a propaganda war is also ongoing between the two countries with equal intensity.


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