Russia launches heavy attacks on Ukraine-controlled Kupiansk & Krasnyi Lyman

Russia launches heavy attacks on Ukraine-controlled Kupiansk & Krasnyi Lyman

Moscow/Kyiv: By describing Ukraine’s ‘counter offensive’ as a failure, Russia has started vigorous attacks on important cities under the control of Ukraine. Russia has heavily attacked the towns of Kupiansk in Kharkiv province and Krasnyi Lyman in Donetsk. Local sources have indicated that there will be intense fighting for the possession of these two cities in the next few days. Meanwhile, Russia’s Defence Ministry shared information about Ukraine attempting a drone attack on the Russian capital Moscow for the second time in 24 hours.

Moreover, Ukraine, alongside its allied nations, have also started acknowledging the failure of the counteroffensive campaign launched by Ukraine in June. Ukraine has not even reached Russia’s defences despite struggling for two months. Thus, achieving the objectives set for this campaign has become a distant thing, and Western countries are also expressing this view. Russia, which has managed to stop Ukraine’s counteroffensive, is reportedly focusing on other parts of Ukraine.

Furthermore, Russia has launched vigorous attacks on Kharkiv province in the past few weeks. The Russians gained control of many parts of Kharkiv the previous year at the start of the war. But, as a strategic decision, Russia retreated from this province. Russia has again increased its attacks on Kharkiv and targeted the city of Kupiansk. Besides, over the last few days, the occupation of important parts of this city has also come to the fore.

Due to increasing Russian attacks, Ukraine has relocated its citizens from the region. So far, information about the transfer of more than 10,000 citizens has been shared. Russia’s Defence Ministry has also claimed to have thwarted Ukraine’s attempt to deploy additional troops to this city. In the next few days, a fierce battle for the possession of Kupiansk will begin, claimed the sources.

After Kupiansk, Russia also started activities for Krasnyi Lyman city of Donetsk province. The intensity of the attacks has increased in this area, and a Russian news agency has also provided information about capturing some bases of the Ukrainian army. Along with Krasnyi Lyman, the Defence Ministry has said Russia has successfully stopped Ukraine’s attacks in Bakhmut.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Ukraine again targeted Russia’s capital Moscow with a drone attack. On Monday, there was an attempt to attack the capital Moscow with two drones. One of these drones failed, and the other was destroyed in a Russian missile attack. Due to these drone attacks in Ukraine, the information about keeping the capital’s airport, Moscow, closed for two hours has come to the fore. It has also claimed that 100 flights have been cancelled because of this.