Russian foreign ministry alleges US & UK responsible for attacking Black Sea Fleet headquarters

Russian foreign ministry alleges US & UK responsible for attacking Black Sea Fleet headquarters

Moscow/Washington: The Russian foreign ministry has accused the United Kingdom and the United States of being involved in the attack on the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters carried out by Ukraine last week. It was reported that this attack caused heavy damage to the headquarters. Besides, at least 30 senior officers of the Russian Navy were claimed to be killed. It is the second incident of a major attack on Russian defence forces’ headquarters.

Last Friday, September 22, Ukraine launched a missile attack on the Russian Navy’s ‘Black Sea Fleet’ headquarters. Due to the missile attack, there was information that the headquarters building caught fire and huge smoke was rising there. Also, a large part of the headquarters building was destroyed in the attack. Clearly, ‘Storm Shadow missiles’ provided by the United Kingdom were used to attack the ‘Black Sea Fleet’ headquarters.

In the talks held by the Russian foreign ministry, it has been alleged that the agencies of the United States and the United Kingdom are behind this attack. ‘Information shared by patrol aircraft and satellites of NATO member countries along with the United States and the United Kingdom was used in this attack. Besides, Ukraine maintained constant contacts with US and the UK intelligence agencies before and during the attack,’ alleged Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

In the last few weeks, Ukraine has started emphasising missile and drone attacks as well as terrorist attacks and ‘special operations’. A few days ago, the Ukrainian army entered a part of Crimea province and attacked Russian posts. After this, a fuel field in the ‘Black Sea’ area was captured, and Crimea’s ‘Saky’ airport was attacked. There is talk of attacking this base with drones and missiles. Many fighter planes were damaged in this attack, and 30 Russian soldiers were killed, which was claimed by Ukrainian intelligence. After this, its importance increased by directly targeting the Navy headquarters.

These increasing attacks in Crimea are a reason for growing concern among the Russian defence forces and other agencies. Russian President Vladimir Putin and other senior leaders have repeatedly given serious warnings regarding the attacks on Crimea. Threats were also made that a major attack on Crimea or an attempt to capture it could lead to a nuclear attack. Despite this, the back-to-back attacks on important and sensitive parts of Crimea this month are attracting much attention.

Meanwhile, there are reports of drone attacks in Russia’s Kursk and Belgorod regions. Ukrainian drones have targeted Russia’s electric grid in Kursk province. Due to this, local agencies admitted that the power supply was disrupted in some parts of Kursk. At the same time, Ukrainian agencies have shared information about Russia carrying out missile attacks in Mykolaiv province.


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