Conflict in Sudan may turn into a civil war

– UN special envoy warns

Conflict in Sudan may turn into a civil war

New York/ Khartoum: Volker Perthes, the Special Envoy appointed by the United Nations for Sudan, has warned that the conflict between the army and paramilitary forces that started in Sudan for the last five months should be stopped. Otherwise, this conflict may turn into a civil war. Major General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has threatened to establish a parallel government in Sudan and declare Khartoum the capital.

Moreover, there has been conflict in Sudan since April. This conflict has started between the army and paramilitary forces to gain control over Sudan, and at least five thousand people are being claimed to have died due to this conflict. The number of people killed in this conflict is also expected to be much higher than this. The United Nations has expressed concern that more than 5.2 million people have been displaced due to this conflict. The neighbouring Arab countries, Saudi Arabia and the United States had tried to implement a ceasefire by discussing with both factions of Sudan. However, both groups are not ready for peace talks or a truce. Because of this, difficulties are being created in delivering humanitarian aid to Sudan.Conflict

Against this background, the United Nations had declared Volker Perthes as the special envoy for Sudan. Perthes was informed to visit Sudan and discuss with both groups. According to this, Perthes tried to go to Sudan. However, Sudan’s army and paramilitary forces denied Perthes entry. Angered by this, Perthes, speaking in front of the United Nations, hinted that a major civil war would start if the conflict in Sudan were not stopped soon. The situation in Sudan’s Darfur is dire, and Perthes accused both groups of beginning a series of arrests and harassment of civilians.

Meanwhile, for the last few weeks, Sudan’s Army chief, General Al-Burhan, has established his army headquarters in ‘Port Sudan’, a port in the Red Sea area. For this reason, it is also claimed that General Burhan has started activities to make Port Sudan the capital. However, the Sudanese army has not confirmed this in any way. Expressing anger over this, Sudan’s paramilitary chief, General Dagalo, announced establishing an independent parallel government in Khartoum. Thus, there is a possibility of Sudan breaking into more pieces. Army chief General Burhan visited Turkey a few hours ago and met President Erdogan.