Ukraine claims to have captured Russian oil and gas rigs near Crimea

Ukraine claims to have captured Russian oil and gas rigs near Crimea

Moscow/Kyiv: Ukraine’s intelligence agency has claimed to have captured the Russian oil and gas platforms in the ‘Black Sea’ region. Ukraine has said that these platforms, called the ‘Boyko Towers’, have been under Russian control since 2015. In the last few days, Ukraine has been trying to target the Black Sea and Crimea province and the action taken on Russian oil and gas rigs is also considered to be a part of the same. Meanwhile, the Russian Defence Ministry has shared information about the killing of more than 300 Ukrainian soldiers in the battle of Zaporizhzhia.

Moreover, information about a major explosion at a Russian base in Crimea province was revealed on Saturday. After this, Russia foiled a major attempt to carry out a drone attack in the Crimea province on Sunday. Further, Russia also claimed to have destroyed three US boats loaded with Ukrainian special forces near the ‘Snake Island’ area of the Black Sea. Against this background, Ukraine’s capture of Russian oil and gas rigs is attracting much attention.

Furthermore, Ukraine’s ‘Special Forces’ teams have shared information about acting on ‘Boyko Towers’. There are drilling rigs for crude oil and natural gas in this area. Russia had captured it in the year 2015. After this, it was used as an oil platform and a military base. Ukraine must gain control since this area is close to Ukraine’s Odesa province. After taking action on ‘Boyko Towers’, Ukraine has also released photos of placing its flag there. Meanwhile, Ukraine has also claimed to have foiled the attack by Russian planes by taking action. Russia has not made any statement on this.

Meanwhile, Russia has claimed to have foiled Ukraine’s major ‘counter offensive’ in Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk. The Russian Defence Ministry provided information that 340 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the intense fighting in the last 24 hours. Ukraine has lost 250 soldiers in the conflict for Donetsk. At the same time, Russia shared information about the death of more than 80 soldiers in the battle of Zaporizhzhia. During this period, Russia has also provided information about foiling eight attacks by Ukraine.

The US Biden administration has decided to provide Ukraine with long-range ‘ATACMS’ missiles. British newspaper ‘The Financial Times’ has released this news. The range of these missiles is said to be more than 300 kilometres. Russia had previously protested against the decision to provide long-range missiles to Ukraine. Also, Russian analysts had warned that these missiles would cause the Third World War. The United States had postponed the supply of such missiles in the initial phase. However, now the Biden administration is said to have approved the supply of these missiles.

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