‘Drone War’ sparks between Russia & Ukraine

- both nations augment scope of attack

‘Drone War’ sparks between Russia & Ukraine

Moscow/Kyiv: Russia carried out a major drone attack on Ukraine’s Odessa province on Tuesday night. In response to this, on Wednesday, information about the use of drones in Russia’s capital, Moscow and Belgorod province came to the fore. In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the scope of drone attacks by both countries is increasing, and analysts are claiming the start of a ‘drone war’.

Along with Ukraine, its supporting countries have also started accepting the failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive campaign it undertook in June. Even after fighting for a total of two months, it has not been possible for Ukraine to breach the Russian defences. Against this background, Ukraine has started using drone attacks to hide its failure. On the other hand, Russia, which has been out of the ‘Grain Deal’, seems to have focused on other important parts, including the ports of Ukraine. In this, Russia has also considered increasing the use of drones.

On Tuesday night, Russia targeted the Izmail port, a major ‘river port’ in the Odessa province. The grain stores and other infrastructure built there were targeted. More than ten suicide drones are said to be used in this attack. The Ukrainian system provided information about the destruction of about 13,000 tons of food grains in this drone attack by Russia. It is the eighth attack on the port of Ukraine since last month. After the attack on Tuesday night, it has been claimed that more than 15 per cent of the facilities and capacity of Izmail port have been destroyed.

Ukraine retaliated hours after the drone strike on Izmail. On Wednesday morning, Ukraine again targeted Russia’s capital, Moscow. During this, an attempt was made to attack the important area of Moscow, which houses offices of government departments and private companies. Photos from this attack of a building on fire have been released. The Russian Defense Ministry provided information about Ukraine using three suicide drones to attack the capital, Moscow.

After Moscow, a drone attack was also carried out on the Belgorod province bordering Ukraine. Local sources have shared information about some civilians being injured in the attack. Ukraine has carried out more than ten drone attacks on the capital, Moscow and Belgorod province this month, and Russia has claimed to have foiled most of these attacks. However, the increasing number of drone attacks is raising concerns for Russian state machinery and claims of fear among Russian citizens are being made on local media and social media.

In the seven months from January to July 2023, Ukraine carried out more than 120 drone attacks in Russia. At the same time, information about 25 drone attacks on Russia has come to the fore in the last three weeks. Just a few days ago, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, had mentioned the drone attacks in Moscow. He also warned that these incidents signify that this battle is now reaching the Russian land. Against this background, the drone attacks taking place on the Russian border and after Russia has increased the scope of drone attacks are attracting much attention.


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