Israel won’t stop until it eliminates Hamas

– PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel won’t stop until it eliminates Hamas

Jerusalem: The death of everyone involved in Hamas is certain. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that Israel will not be at peace until Hamas is completely crushed and destroyed. Israel is launching strong attacks on Gaza, due to which more than 2.5 lakh people are fleeing their homes. Besides, the situation of the people of Gaza has worsened after Israel ceased the supply of water, food, electricity and fuel. However, Israel has also announced that no matter what happens, Gaza will not be allowed to get food, water and other essential goods until the Israeli citizens kidnapped by Hamas are freed.

Moreover, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reached Israel. The US Secretary of State said that the attacks on Israel by Hamas have brought to light the horrific memories of Hitler’s atrocities against the Jews during the Second World War. State Secretary Blinken also testified that the United States is in this difficult situation with Israel. Meanwhile, the Israeli Prime Minister placed in front of Secretary Blinken the heart-wrenching photographs of the bodies of newborn children murdered by Hamas, some of whom were shot by Hamas, and some were burnt alive. Prime Minister Netanyahu himself shared this information on social media. 

The US President had claimed that the news of Hamas burning Israeli children was false. On this background, the Israeli Prime Minister showed this photo to State Secretary Blinken as proof that Hamas terrorists burned children alive and opened fire on them; this is not propaganda. He is seen saying this firmly. After this, the US President has been forced to withdraw his statement. 

Moreover, 22 US nationals have been killed in this attack by Hamas and 17 of them are still missing. There is a strong reaction to this in the United States. Also, US public representatives demand that the United States provide all kinds of assistance to eliminate Hamas. These countries are capable of protecting Israel. However, the United States will still not force Israel to fight alone for its defence until its existence, US Secretary of State Blinken said. Blinken drew attention to the fact that we are also Jews. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu supported the strict decisions against Hamas by saying, ‘Hamas is inhuman, Hamas is ISIS and the same condition that the United States has created for ISIS will be the same for Hamas.’ Speaking at a meeting of the Israeli Cabinet of Ministers held during the war, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that we cannot stop without destroying Hamas. According to the announcement by Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders, Israel appears to have increased the intensity of air strikes on Gaza. Due to this, about 2.5 lakh people in Gaza are fleeing in fear of their lives. 

Furthermore, after Israel’s siege of Gaza, the people of Gaza have started facing the shortage of food, water and other essential goods. Meanwhile, clear indications are being received that the Israeli Army will enter Gaza immediately and start action. Israeli army officers stated that they were only waiting to receive orders from the political leadership. The officers further said they had made all the necessary preparations to enter Gaza and take action. This seems to be spreading more instability in Gaza.  

Meanwhile, there are claims that Israeli soldiers will enter every house in Gaza during the military action. This military operation against Hamas is difficult; the Israeli Army realizes this. For this reason, before landing our Army in Gaza, Israel prepared to destroy the capability of Hamas by increasing the intensity of air strikes. Along with this, Israel has forced the whole world to think by announcing that this war started against Hamas will change the face of the entire Akhara region. Israel will soon take complete control of Gaza; such indications are being claimed from the statement of the Israeli Prime Minister.


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