Russia is trying to build a ‘new world’

- President Putin claims

Russia is trying to build a ‘new world’

Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin has strongly criticised the Western world’s prosperity as largely based on the plunder of colonies worldwide. At an event organised in Russia, Putin claimed that Russia is trying to build a new world. The Russian President also warned that the global financial system based on the US dollar is not balanced and will collapse soon. Also, Putin indicated that Russia is preparing to withdraw from the Test Ban Treaty by sharing information about Russia testing new nuclear weapons.

Putin, Vladimir Putin, RussiaNonetheless, President Vladimir Putin strongly criticised the Western countries at the Valdai Club meeting held in the Russian city of Sochi. Sources also shared that the conference was held on a priority basis to show that Russia’s influence remains intact despite the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In addition, Putin alleged that Western countries do not consider the interests of all nations in the economic system created at the international level.

The Russian President, targeting the Western system, said that Western influence worldwide is a major military-economic pyramid. It needs new fuel constantly for its support, which consists of the natural, technological and human resources of others. He also claimed that continuous and uninterrupted expansion is the base of the history of the Westerners.

Moreover, President Putin said that a new international model is emerging in economic and trade relations, and Russia is trying to build a new world. In the last few years, Russia has started trying to challenge the US hegemony with the help of China and other countries. It has gained more momentum in the backdrop of the Russo-Ukraine conflict and is considered part of the enhanced cooperation with various world countries through BRICS and other groups. A few days ago, Russia had indicated increasing cooperation with other countries by organising the Eastern Economic Forum after the Independent Council of African Countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin accused some Western countries of destroying the world’s economic and trade relations system during the Eastern Economic Forum.

Meanwhile, President Putin has also said that Russia has tested a new nuclear weapon, and its nuclear weapons are capable of targeting the US.


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