Yemen’s Houthi rebels threaten Israel with an extensive war

Yemen’s Houthi rebels threaten Israel with an extensive war

Sana’a: The number of attacks on Israel by Houthi, a terrorist organisation linked to Iran and based in Yemen, has started augmenting. The Houthis have again fired ballistic missiles in the direction of Israel. Israel’s ‘Arrow’ air defence system averted a major disaster by destroying this missile. However, this is the second time in the last ten days that the Houthis have used missiles against Israel. After this, Houthi threatened that Israeli ships travelling through the Red Sea area would be targeted. Besides, Houthi warned that extensive attacks will be carried out against Israel by land, sea and air. Houthi has appealed to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt to help them in this anti-Israel action.

Yemen's Houthi Rebels threaten Israel with an extensive war On Tuesday, a ballistic missile attack took place in the direction of the city in the southern part of Israel. This missile was fired from Yemen and destroyed by Israel’s ‘Arrow’ air defence system in the ‘Red Sea’ airspace. Houthi, a terrorist organisation linked to Iran, has accepted responsibility for the attack. The Houthis announced that the missile attacks had targeted Israeli ships travelling through this maritime zone and that such attacks would continue in the future.

Moreover, Houthi chief Abdul Malik al-Houthi announced this attack in response to the military action launched by Israel against Hamas. Al-Houthi threatened that Israeli ships travelling in the Red Sea would continue to be attacked by ballistic missiles and drones. Moreover, al-Houthi claimed Israel was dependent on traffic in the Red Sea. Yemen's Houthi Rebels threaten Israel with an extensive war Also, Israel is trying to hide its maritime traffic, yet its ships cannot remain safe, the Houthi chief has threatened.

After this, al-Houthi criticised Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Last week, a meeting of heads of state of Arab-Islamic countries was organised on short notice in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. During this time, a proposal was made to come together for anti-Israel action. Besides, a demand was raised to boycott Israel and impose a siege. However, Saudi and Arab countries had avoided taking a strong anti-Israel role. Apart from this, Saudi Arabia condemned the horrific attacks carried out by Hamas terrorists on Israel on October 7.

Meanwhile, al-Houthi has strongly criticised the role adopted by Saudi and other Arab countries in this meeting. Al-Houthi said the meeting took place without any concrete decisions. Apart from this, it was demanded that these Arab countries should assist Houthis in anti-Israel action. Houthi terrorists will reach the Gaza Strip and West Bank and enter into direct conflict with Israel. For this, al-Houthi also demanded that Saudi, Jordan and Egypt should allow their territories to be used.



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