US task force may create extraordinary problems in the Red Sea

Iranian Defence Minister warns

US task force may create extraordinary problems in the Red Sea

Tehran/London – Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched rocket attacks on three ships, MSC PLATINUM III, Al Jasrah and Maersk, passing through the Red Sea. Within 24 hours, the rebels unleashed terror in this maritime area by attacking three cargo ships. Against the backdrop of such increasing attacks by Yemeni rebels, the US has announced the formation of an independent task force for the security of the Red Sea. At the same time, the US has also called on its allies to be part of this task force. Australia is soon sending its destroyer to this maritime area. However, Iran’s restlessness has increased due to these naval activities initiated by the US in the Red Sea region. Iranian Defence Minister Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani warned that the task force that the United States is setting up with its allies for the security of the Red Sea will be engulfed in a crisis in the future.

US task force will create big problems in Red Sea – Iran's Defense Minister warnsYemen’s Houthi rebels are launching missile and drone attacks, affecting the cargo ship traffic in the Red Sea. These rebels have started targeting large ships of major countries in the maritime area for the past four days. On Thursday, a rocket attack occurred in the direction of the well-known Danish shipping company Maersk’s tanker. There was no major damage to the tanker in this attack. The attack was launched while the ship moved from the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia. On Friday, a missile attack hit the cargo ship named MSC PLATINUM III of the Liberian Flag. It has come to light that the missile hit the PLATINUM III ship fired by rebels. US task force will create big problems in Red Sea – Iran's Defense Minister warnsHowever, the extent of damage to the ship in this attack has not been clear yet. Apart from this, both the missiles fired at Al Jasrah missed hitting the designated target.

The Houthis have targeted ships of big companies for the second consecutive day, though the companies of these ships and these ships have no connection even remotely with Israel. Yet these companies have complained that their ships are being targeted. If Yemeni rebels continue to attack the area of the Red Sea in this manner, it will disrupt the traffic of cargo ships there, and there will also be a threat to the lives of employees. For this reason, Maersk Company has demanded that a longer route from Cape Town in South Africa be adopted as an alternative to the Red Sea to protect its ship and crew.

Turning from Cape Town will increase the travel time of these cargo ships and the price of the product.US task force will create big problems in Red Sea – Iran's Defense Minister warns However, no such decision has been taken yet. Nevertheless, many analysts have highlighted that other countries and companies can raise such demands in the future. The US has again called on Australia’s military to secure the travel of cargo ships in the Red Sea. French destroyers are already patrolling the area. Meanwhile, a UK destroyer has sailed towards this maritime area. In such a situation, Australia is also sending its destroyer.

Against this background, Iran’s Defence Minister has warned the US which plans to build a task force. The Iranian Defence Minister warned, ‘If they make such an irrational move, they will be faced with extraordinary problems.’ Defence Minister Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani has threatened the United States, saying that no other Gulf country is challenging Iran’s predominance in the region.



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