Israel-Hamas claimed to agree to stop ongoing attacks on Gaza in exchange for release of abductees

Israel-Hamas claimed to agree to stop ongoing attacks on Gaza in exchange for release of abductees

Jerusalem: Reports state that there will be a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas soon. Hamas leader Ismail Haniya shared this information through the media. Haniya has said that Israel is ready to stop attacks on Gaza in exchange for the release of abducted civilians. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also claimed that a positive outcome can be received on this issue soon. According to claims, a special meeting of the Israeli Cabinet will be held on Tuesday night, in which the issue of ceasefire may be approved. However, amidst these reports of a ceasefire, Israel carried out airstrikes on 250 Hamas targets in Gaza during the last 24 hours. Three Hamas tunnels were destroyed in the attacks. Information has come to light that the Israeli army has laid siege to the refugee camp located in Jabaliya, Gaza.

Currently, 240 kidnapped Israelis have been held captive by Hamas. The news of Israel being ready to stop the attacks on Gaza for five days in exchange for the release of 50 of such civilians has surfaced in the media on Tuesday. Israel-Hamas claimed to agree to stop ongoing attacks on Gaza in exchange for release of abducteesThese 50 people are said to include children and women. Ismail Haniya, leader of Hamas present in Qatar, shared the news related to this with the media. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also clarified that he will not make any exaggerated statements, but ‘good news’ may be received soon. Along with this, Prime Minister Netanyahu indicated, “We will soon establish security in the ‘North’ and ‘South’ parts.” Israel’s ‘War Cabinet’ will meet on Tuesday night, and the ceasefire will be approved, an Israeli newspaper reported.

Even if Israel agreed upon a ceasefire for a few days for the release of the abducted civilians, Israel has already warned that it would start attacking Hamas again. Also, even if Hamas terrorists leave Gaza and hide anywhere else, Israel will not remain inactive and stop short of eliminating them, Israeli leaders are indicating. Israel’s attacks on Hamas targets on Tuesday are a testimony to this. Information has surfaced that Israel’s Air Force targeted 250 Hamas targets in 24 hours. There have also been reports of Israeli Army tanks and drones attacking Hamas on the border of Gaza City.

Israel had also attacked the refugee camp in Jabaliya, Gaza, claiming that Hamas terrorists were hiding there. The Israeli army has surrounded the camp of these refugees. As a result, there is concern that a fierce conflict may spark between the Israeli Army and Hamas terrorists there too. Meanwhile, local people have voiced their fear that on seeing the tanks of the Israeli army parked near Gaza City, they fear death.

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, has criticized Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Borell said that even though he has condemned the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, he cannot support Israel’s attacks on Gaza. One terrible action cannot be responded to by another terrible action, Borrell said during an interview with a Spanish newspaper. Some Gulf countries, Turkey and the US, also similarly criticized Israel. In response at that time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought to everyone’s notice once again that after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the US had dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ‘In comparison, Israel is taking action on Gaza with much more restraint, and Palestinians are dying in Israeli attacks due to Hamas using the local people as human shields,’ the Israeli Prime Minister underscored.




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