Israel is fighting at the forefront of World War III

says new Israeli Foreign Minister Katz

Israel is fighting at the forefront of World War III

Jerusalem – Israel’s new Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, announced that Israel is fighting World War III. The effects of this Iran-initiated war, promoting extremist ideas, are also seen in European countries. However, the Israeli Foreign Minister claimed that Israel is at the forefront of this war, and some liberal Arab countries are also against the Iranian extremism. Besides, Israel had prepared to cooperate with the Gulf countries to establish peace in the Gulf region. The new Israeli Foreign Minister also alleged that Iran had carried out the horrific terrorist attack on October 7, making Hamas a pawn to prevent this from happening.

Nonetheless, Israel Katz has been appointed as Israel’s foreign minister, replacing Eli Cohen. On the very first day after assuming the reins of his responsibility, Katz said that Israel was fighting at the forefront of World War III. Iran has begun this war against Israel, promoting its extremist ideology. In addition, Israel is openly fighting the war with the pro-Iranian groups Hamas and Hezbollah. The new Israeli Foreign Minister said, claiming that the World War has started in the European countries as well, and its consequences are also beginning to emerge.

Israel is fighting on the frontline in Third World War announced by Israel's new Foreign Minister KatzIn such a situation, Katz said that as the Foreign Minister of Israel, they have three main goals. Katz said, ‘There are still 129 Israeli civilian hostages in Hamas captivity, and the release of these abducted civilians is our first goal. Our second objective is to declare the war waged by Israel against Hamas and Hezbollah as legitimate at the international level. Our third aim will be to increase global pressure to push back Hezbollah, which has reached near Israel’s northern border.’ Additionally, Katz claimed that this must be done under the rules of the United Nations.

Meanwhile, intending to negotiate with Saudi Arabia, Israel had begun peacekeeping activities with the Gulf countries. Hence, Foreign Minister Katz alleged that Hamas carried out the horrific terrorist attack on October 7 to thwart it.

Apart from this, Katz claimed that Israel was fighting at the forefront of World War III, and at the same time, the liberal Gulf countries have also stood up against Iran. Simultaneously, Katz confidently stated that Iran was behind the Hamas attacks and Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel.

Even in the past, Israel had accused Iran of being behind the attacks, but Iran has also categorically denied the allegations. Nevertheless, the Iranian leaders had revealed that though they support the Hamas attacks, Iran has no connection with the attacks. However, Iran says that peace cannot be established in the Gulf without the destruction of Israel. As a result, Iran had also called for Gulf countries to adopt a tough stance against Israel. However, the response of Gulf countries on this has not yet been received.



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