Yemeni rebels launch attacks on US warship and commercial vessels in the Red Sea

Yemeni rebels launch attacks on US warship and commercial vessels in the Red Sea

Dubai – The area of the Red Sea is now proving dangerous for the sailing of fuel carriers, tankers and merchant ships. Nonetheless, Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched missile and drone attacks on a US destroyer along with three merchant ships passing through the narrow sea area over the past 24 hours. Also, the Houthis claimed to have attempted to target two Israeli ships during these attacks. Meanwhile, the US CENTCOM has said that an attempt to launch a drone attack on the destroyer has been thwarted. By accusing Iran of being behind these Houthi attacks, CENTCOM has indicated that these attacks will be responded to in every way.

Yemeni rebels attack US warships and cargo in the Red SeaMoreover, the Red Sea is a sea route connecting Europe with the Gulf and Asian countries, and about 10% of all global trade passes through this region. Thus, the Red Sea is significant for traffic safety. Due to the threat of piracy in the Gulf of Aden, located on the southern side of the Red Sea, foreign destroyers are deployed to protect merchant ships passing through this area. In addition, the deployment of US destroyers in the Red Sea has been increased during the ongoing Israel-Hamas war for nearly two months.

Furthermore, the Houthi rebels in Yemen have targeted the Israeli ships in the Red Sea to condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza. At the same time, missiles have also been fired in the direction of Israel. US destroyers stationed in the region have foiled these attacks. Angered by this, the Houthis had threatened to attack US destroyers. Against this background, the rebels targeted three merchant ships, Unity Explorer, Number 9 and Sophie II, on Sunday morning. However, no vessel has been damaged in these attacks. Nevertheless, the US destroyer, USS Carney, thwarted the Houthi attacks.

Yemeni rebels attack US warships and cargo in the Red SeaLater, these rebels launched missile and drone attacks directly on US destroyers. The USS Carney foiled these Houthi attacks too. The US Central Command or CENTCOM, which handles the security of the Gulf region, has held Iran responsible for these Houthi attacks. At the same time, CENTCOM has warned that there will be a befitting response to these attacks soon. Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the rebel organisation has threatened that their attacks will continue until the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza cease and the movement of Israeli ships in the Red Sea is stopped.

Meanwhile, the area vital to maritime traffic has been under rebel attacks for the past month and a half, which has raised the issue of the security of foreign ships. The CENTCOM has also alleged that the Houthi rebels in Yemen cannot carry out such military action without the support of Iran. Moreover, information about the impact of this tension in the Red Sea region on the US stock market is also coming to light.


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