Lebanese capital may become like Gaza if Hezbollah opens war against Israel

Israeli PM warns Hezbollah

Lebanese capital may become like Gaza if Hezbollah opens war against Israel

Jerusalem – Israel has again issued a warning to the Hezbollah terrorists who are launching rocket and drone attacks from the Lebanese border. Besides, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned, ‘If Hezbollah decides to open an all-out war, Beirut and southern Lebanon, which are not far from here, will be transformed into Gaza and Khan Younis with its own hands’. Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant claimed that Israel would take two months to end the military action in Gaza. He further said Israel could open a new front to counter the increasing Hezbollah attacks after that.

Lebanese capital will become like Gaza if Hezbollah opens war against IsraelAfter Israel intensified its military action against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the Iran-affiliated Lebanese terrorist organisation Hezbollah has started attacking Israel. In the last 24 hours, Hezbollah terrorists attacked an Israeli army post close to the Lebanese border. Meanwhile, a 60-year-old Israeli civilian was killed in an attack which targeted an Israeli tank. Following this, Israel has increased its attacks on the Hezbollah locations in Lebanon.

Moreover, Israel has targeted more than 200 Hezbollah locations in southern Lebanon. Israel also launched attacks on Hezbollah bases on a mountain behind the UN peacekeepers’ office in Lebanon. During this period, Hezbollah is claimed to have suffered huge losses. In addition, the Lebanese media have criticised the Israeli artillery of unleashing fire on southern Lebanon. The Israel Defense Forces informed that they had shot down a drone fired by Hezbollah moving towards Israel.

Lebanese capital will become like Gaza if Hezbollah opens war against IsraelNonetheless, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reviewed the ongoing military action in Gaza and also inquired about the preparations made by the Israeli military on the Lebanese front. Later, the Israeli Prime Minister also warned Hezbollah that they should not be involved in the war against Hamas, or else, due to Hezbollah’s mistake, the situation in the capital, Beirut, would become like Gaza City. Netanyahu also warned that the situation in South Lebanon will be like Khan Younis city of Gaza.

Furthermore, Israel had informed Hezbollah to stay away from the Gaza conflict previously as well. Israel had also made it realise that Lebanon and the Lebanese people would have to bear the consequences of Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel. However, the government of Lebanon is being accused of being in the grasp of Hezbollah. Therefore, despite Israel’s warnings, the Lebanese government has not taken the necessary actions to stop the Hezbollah attacks. After the increase in Hezbollah attacks in the last two days, Israeli Defense Minister Gallant has also warned that Israel will retaliate to these attacks soon. Gallant said that the Israeli military is ready to open a second front against Hezbollah in Lebanon after the Gaza Strip.



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