There is no deadline set to end attacks on Hamas, IDF announces

There is no deadline set to end attacks on Hamas, IDF announces

Tel Aviv – In the last four days, more than 700 Hamas terrorists have surrendered to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). However, there is still a fierce conflict between the Israeli army and Hamas in Gaza’s Khan Yunis. Despite this, the Israeli army has claimed that due to their attacks, Hamas’ control in Gaza is on the verge of an end. Besides, Hamas agencies informed that these attacks have killed more than seven thousand Hamas terrorists, and the number of people killed in Israel’s attacks on other targets in Gaza has increased to 17,700. Nonetheless, the United Nations (UN) has expressed concern that more than half of the Gazans are facing starvation due to Israel’s attack and the resulting siege. However, Israel has indicated that the attacks on Hamas will continue by saying that there is no deadline for ending attacks on Hamas.

There is no deadline to stop the ongoing attacks on HamasIn addition, the Israeli security forces have carried out more than 22 thousand attacks on Hamas targets in Gaza since the beginning of the war. Also, IDF has said that 3,500 of these attacks took place after the end of the ceasefire and claimed that repercussions of this have become visible. Moreover, IDF said that Hamas’ control in Gaza has collapsed, similar to the houses there, which in turn has destroyed Hamas’ command and control centres. The IDF officials have also clarified that, as a result, Hamas has lost its hold in most parts of Gaza. However, the conflict that started in Gaza is not over yet. Additionally, the IDF has indicated that Israel will not reduce the intensity of its attacks without eliminating all the battalions of Hamas.

Moreover, Hamas terrorists are clashing with Israeli forces in Gaza’s Khan Yunis. The local citizens have provided information about the ongoing Israeli attacks throughout the night and about the heavy firing that had begun in Khan Yunis. There is no deadline to stop the ongoing attacks on HamasBesides, more than seven thousand Hamas terrorists have been killed in the last 65 days of war. Along with this, the IDF has also destroyed Hamas-built hideouts in residential areas. These also included schools for small children. Additionally, IDF has released videos saying that Hamas had hidden weapons even in these schools. Besides, the IDF has released seawater through pipes into the tunnels, which has also destroyed a large part of Hamas’s tunnel network.

During this action of the Israeli army, more than 700 Hamas terrorists have surrendered in the last four days. Thus, there are clear indications that Hamas will suffer huge losses. Apart from this, the IDF has also released videos of Hamas terrorists engaging in fights with the people of Gaza and snatching the international aid provided for the common civilians facing a shortage of essential goods.

Furthermore, the World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations has held Israel responsible for more than half of the citizens in Gaza being in the grip of hunger. The WFP has also claimed that all routes for humanitarian aid to reach the people of Gaza have been destroyed. Meanwhile, Palestine’s Prime Minister has criticised the US, saying it is supporting the ongoing inhumane actions of Israel in Gaza. Nevertheless, the US has approved a proposal to provide 14 thousand rounds of tank ammunition for Israeli tanks.



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