US, UK launch 36 attacks on Houthis in Yemen

US, UK launch 36 attacks on Houthis in Yemen

Sana – The US has launched attacks on the terrorists’ hideouts linked to Iran for the second consecutive day. The attack was launched a few hours after the US fired 125 missiles at Iran-linked terrorists in Iraq and Syria. On Saturday night, the United States, with the support of the United Kingdom, carried out 36 attacks on ten Houthi rebel targets in Yemen—the US-UK claim to have caused heavy damage to the Houthis with this. The Houthis then attacked the Red Sea with an anti-destructive cruise missile. However, the US destroyer foiled the Houthi attack by dropping the Tomahawk (TLAM) missile.

US-UK launched thirty six attacks on Yemen's HouthisLast week, Iran-affiliated terrorists launched a drone attack on a US military base in Jordan. It had killed three US soldiers. After this, the Biden administration announced action against terrorists linked to Iran due to increased pressure in the country. According to this, the US has been targeting terrorists present in Iraq-Syria and Houthi rebels in Yemen for the last two days. Besides, the US has claimed that the US and the UK destroyed the Houthi weapons storage facilities, missile systems and launchers in the attack in Yemen late on Saturday.

Speaking on these attacks, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said this was a gesture for the Houthi. Apart from this, Austin warned that if the Houthis continue to attack the commercial or warships travelling in the Red Sea, even the Houthi bases in Yemen will not be safe. US-UK launched thirty six attacks on Yemen's HouthisAlso, the US Secretary of Defence claimed that the US does not wish to extend the war in the Gulf. At the same time, UK’s Defence Minister Grant Shapps said that the attacks on the Houthi were not an act of provocation.

Moreover, Iran has strongly criticised these attacks on Iraq-Syria and Saturday on Yemen-based Houthi rebels. Additionally, Iran has warned that the US attacks will further worsen the situation in the Gulf. Hamas has also alleged that these US attacks violate the sovereignty of the respective countries. Meanwhile, European analysts warn that the action taken by the US terrorists linked to Iran in the Gulf may spark a new conflict in the conflict.



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