Hamas, under siege by Israeli forces, threatens to kill hostages

Israeli PM calls on Hamas terrorists to surrender

Hamas, under siege by Israeli forces, threatens to kill hostages

Gaza City/Tel Aviv – Hamas has threatened that if Israel does not release the detained Palestinian citizens and fulfil its other demands at the earliest, not a single Israeli abducted in captivity will be left alive. However, Israeli analysts accuse Hamas of sacrificing the abducted civilians to cover up its misdeeds and are looking for a reason to carry out the act. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Hamas terrorists. He said, ‘In the past few days, dozens of Hamas terrorists have surrendered to our forces. Don’t die for Sinwar. Surrender – now!’ Netanyahu also reminded that the Hamas chief Sinwar was hiding in fear for his life. Meanwhile, a former Hamas minister has alleged that Sinwar’s madness has destroyed the Gaza Strip today.

Hamas Threatens to Kill Kidnappers Confronted by Israeli ArmyBesides, the Israeli military has intensified the action in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. Thousands of Israeli soldiers, who arrived in armoured vehicles and tanks, are searching every single building in Khan Yunis. Apart from this, the Israeli military is advancing by destroying the buildings, hideouts and bases used by the Hamas terrorists. In some places, Hamas terrorists are attacking the Israeli Army. However, the Israeli military has claimed that these terrorists are not being successful.

Meanwhile, a large number of Hamas terrorists are surrendering in the face of Israeli military action.Hamas Threatens to Kill Kidnappers Confronted by Israeli Army For the fifth consecutive day, Hamas terrorists surrendered to the Israeli Army. Getting restless over this, Hamas has issued a new threat to Israel. Hamas spokesman Abu Obaida also warned that Israel should fulfil the demands made during the ceasefire last month at the earliest. Obaida further warned if Israel does not meet these demands on time, not a single civilian in their captivity will be left alive.

Nonetheless, Hamas had released 100 abducted civilians during last month’s ceasefire. However, 134 civilians are still in Hamas captivity. Also, twenty of the hostages are believed to have died as a result of Hamas atrocities. Israel has also accused Hamas of sexually assaulting some of the women hostages. Moreover, Hamas postponed the release of the female hostages last month to prevent this information from being revealed to the world. Therefore, Israel has accused Hamas of not being ready to release the abducted civilians alive.Hamas Threatens to Kill Kidnappers Confronted by Israeli Army

Furthermore, the Israeli military action seems to have created a rift in Hamas. Hamas terrorists are openly criticising Yahya Sinwar. Additionally, former Hamas minister Yousef al-Mansi has accused Sinwar of being the cause of Gaza’s destruction. Mansi also claimed that 90% of Hamas had been wiped out because of Sinwar. Moreover, Mansi says that due to Sinwar’s madness, some people are part of his conspiracy, but Gaza and the Palestinians suffer.

At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has advised other Gaza-based Hamas terrorists not to risk their lives for Sinwar and to surrender to the Israeli Army.



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