US Secretary of State on Israel visit

Israeli PM hints war will not end until Hamas is destroyed

US Secretary of State on Israel visit

Tel Aviv – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has arrived in Israel and met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Also, Blinken has demanded Israel keep in mind the safety of the Palestinian people while taking action in the southern part of Gaza. At the same time, there were claims by the media that the US Secretary of State would try to establish permanent peace by increasing the ceasefire. A few days ago, US President Joe Biden proposed to recognise Palestine as an independent country and that Israel should make a pre-1967 border agreement. President Biden said that without this, the issue of Israel and Palestine would not be resolved.

US Secretary of State on Israel visitBesides, Israel’s attack on Hamas has killed 14,000 people in Gaza. Saying that it includes Gaza civilians along with Hamas terrorists, the Arab, Gulf and European countries strongly opposed the Israeli attacks. Apart from this, all these countries are demanding that this ceasefire be made permanent by strongly supporting it after it began. The Biden administration had also warned Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government about Israel’s attacks on Hamas.

Along with Hamas-dominated bases in north Gaza, Israel had also attacked Hamas positions in southern Gaza. During his discussions with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the US Secretary of State took a firm stand that the Israelis should consider the safety of the people while carrying out such military action in Gaza in the future. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu has made the US Secretary of State realise again that Israel will not be responsible if Israel’s attacks kill civilians in Gaza, as Hamas terrorists hiding behind the people are responsible for this.

In addition, Prime Minister Netanyahu clarified they had told the US Secretary of State that Israel has pledged to destroy Hamas. US Secretary of State on Israel visitNetanyahu said that they had also told the US Secretary of State that Israel would get all Israeli hostages released and would not end the war without destroying Hamas and is confident that they would not stop until the threat of a terrorist attack on Israel is fully eliminated.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Prime Minister had expressed apprehension over Israel, saying that Israel is not violating international law while taking action against Hamas. Israel’s reaction has emerged, and Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen has recalled his ambassador from Spain. Foreign Minister Cohen targeted the Spanish Foreign Minister who was critical of Israel, saying that Hamas, which entered Israel on October 7, was solely responsible for the bloodshed.

Moreover, Hamas and other terrorist organisations appear to be preparing for new attacks on Israel. Nonetheless, the raids conducted by the Israeli security forces have revealed that weapons were smuggled into Israel from the Jordanian border for this attack. A total of 137 small and big weapons are claimed to have been seized by the Israeli security forces. Due to this, the security forces have claimed to have foiled another conspiracy to cause bloodshed in Israel.



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