Other terrorist groups are also carrying out rocket attacks on Israel along with Hamas

Israeli armed forces inform

Other terrorist groups are also carrying out rocket attacks on Israel along with Hamas

Jerusalem – After the horrific massacre carried out by Hamas by entering Israel on October 7, rocket attacks are being carried out on Israel from the Gaza Strip every day. So far, a total of 12,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza on Israel. Apart from this, terrorists based in other countries are also targeting Israel with rocket, missile and drone attacks. Israel is fighting different terrorist organizations at the same time, the Israeli Defense Forces informed. Israel is under attack from seven countries, and Israel is responding to six of these countries, Israel’s Defense Minister Galant announced a few hours ago.

Hamas other terrorists launching rocket attacks on IsraelIsrael has announced it would eliminate Hamas from the Gaza Strip. In the last two and a half months, Israel has taken major action in the northern part of Gaza and has started a new military operation in Khan Yunus in the southern part. Israeli Defense Forces have targeted Hamas’ tunnel network, headquarters, communication lines and other targets in Gaza. Due to this military action by Israel, there were reports of 1000 terrorists and supporters of Hamas having surrendered so far. However, the Hamas network based in Gaza has not been destroyed yet.

Hamas other terrorists launching rocket attacks on IsraelRocket attacks are still being carried out on Israel’s Tel Aviv and Ashkelon cities from the northern part of Gaza. At the same time, it has become clear that Hamas has a ‘terror tunnel network’ under hospitals, schools and prayer places in Khan Yunus in the southern part of Gaza. The Israeli army has released a video of Hamas building a tunnel under Rantisi Hospital there. This tunnel was also destroyed on Wednesday night. However, not only has Gaza’s Hamas become a headache for Israel’s security, but terrorists from the West Bank, including those from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran, are also targeting Israel.

Hamas other terrorists launching rocket attacks on IsraelIsraeli Defense Minister Gallant had recently declared that Israel is fighting this war on different fronts. Gallant had said that Israel is retaliating against terrorists from five of these countries. Even though it was not mentioned clearly, Israel has not responded to the terrorist activities of Iran, Israel’s Defense Minister indicated while issuing the warning. Gallant had suggested that in the future, Iranian terrorists will also get a response from Israel.

Meanwhile, in the last two days, Lebanon’s terrorist organization Hezbollah has increased the number of rocket attacks in Israel’s northern border area. Israeli civilians have been injured, and some buildings have been damaged. In response, the Israeli army is claimed to have destroyed Hezbollah bases located in Lebanon. Apart from this, there have been drone attacks on Israel’s Golan from Iraq and Israel’s Eilat area from Yemen.



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